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Level: Intermediate
Type: Cardio & Strength Training
Equipment needed: none

PiYo is it’s own dynamic exercise, but the name PiYo comes from a fusion of Pilates and Yoga.  PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. I was introduced to PiYo the summer of 2014 when the program, created by Chalene Johnson was released and I immediately fell in love with it!  Here are my top 6 reasons why I absolutely LOVE PiYo…

  1. You can do PiYo barefooted on a yoga mat. Heck yeah!  I don’t know about you, but there’s something refreshing about having your feet grounded to the floor without the bother of shoes.  Of course, you can do PiYo with shoes on too, but the convenience of rolling out your yoga mat and just getting started feels liberating.
  2. Without the fuss of any extra equipment, PiYo can be done anywhere.  PiYo uses your bodyweight to strengthen, lengthen and define your muscles without ever lifting a weight.
  3. Don’t be fooled by PiYo’s fluid movements, it will get your heart rate sky high and will make you a sweaty mess.  I’m consistently shocked by how sweaty I actually get from doing PiYo. I’ve compared it to doing Insanity!  PiYo is proof that you don’t have to beat yourself up to get a good cardio and strength workout.  Moving your body to sculpt your body is a blissful way to get lean and have energy to spare.
  4. PiYo is low impact.  Actually, there is NO impact in PiYo, but at times if you wanted to crank it up a notch, there are some moves in certain sections of PiYo that you could slightly jump or angle up on your toes to get more muscle contraction.
  5. PiYo works your flexibility and balance like crazy!  Do you ever feel stiff after standing up from sitting for a long time? If so, maybe you need more flexibility training in your life.  The dynamic movements in PiYo are blissful for elongating your muscles…especially your hamstrings.  And when your muscles are more flexible, you are able to build more strength and ultimately define your entire body.
  6. PiYo defines your muscles and makes you so strong! Body weight movements are no joke.  Tricep push-ups, bowlers lunges, PiYo Pikes, PiYo Kick-Throughs, PiYo Flips, squats, Chaturangas, upward dogs, downward dogs, right angles, warrior poses and three-point balances just to name a few…you’ll never get bored with PiYo and the challenge of linking the movements together.  And of course, as you get stronger and better, the moves become easier.

Those are my top 6 reasons why I consider PiYo to be my soulmate workout.  Anyone can do PiYo.  It just makes you feel better from the inside out.  Your core gets stronger, your triceps become defined and your overall body flexibility improves.
Are you motivated to try PiYo?

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