2014 Lexus ES 300 h Review

The Lexus ES 300 h is the latest addition to the Lexus ES line and it is a luxurious sedan which car lovers would definitely favor. Two of the main reasons why this model is becoming so popular in a short period of time is because the price is more affordable now and secondly more and more people are trying to experiment with the gas electric variant.

This model comes with an Atkinson cycle engine of 2.5 liter along with an AC synchronous motor and generator both of which has a permanent magnet. The 2AR FXE engine sits at the heart of the whole system and has the ability to shred the parasitic drag as much as possible. This entirely belt less design was first seen in 2014 and now it has been redesigned similarly in this model. The Hybrid Synergy Drive shares same platform which is used by Avalon and Camry hybrids and the only difference is that the weight of the ES is 250 pounds more than those models. This does not affect the performance of the car. The engine has the ability to power up to 156 HP and utilizes it in the compression ratio of 12:5:1. The power pulses of the ES 300 are merged with 2 electric motors via a computer control. The first motor will be mainly driven by the generator which would recharge the battery pack. It will also help in the starting of the gas engine when the car stops or starts to function. The other motor will be responsible for adding power to the drive as it would supply 142 HP which is equal to 105 kw at 4500 rpm and a torque as high as 199 lb ft at just 500 rpm. The fuel economy has been improved and you will also be able to utilize the electric power steering along with the electric water pump. Since there are possibilities for the electric motors and the gas to hit the peak in different points the system power has been fixed at a flat two hundred and there are no specifications for the peak gas electric torque. The weight of the battery is not excessive as it only weighs 108 pounds and the best part is it is 1.6 kWh liquid cooled battery which would be present in the rear part and not in the front thus making the rear part heavier than the front which is ideal for any car.

There are three modes in which the driver can drive this car and they are the EV mode, Sports mode and the Normal mode. The modes can be changed easily with a single button. The interior of the ES 300 is elegant and pleasing to the eyes and it will assure you a comfortable ride every time. The wheelbase has been increased to some extent from the previous models and the interior also has some extra room to make it comfortable when you sit.

Tesla Model S Review

The Tesla Model S has been highly regarded by those who have already seen and with the features it comes with it deserves to get the appreciation. The doors of this model do not squeak and the windows are leak free. Although the rear of the headroom is slightly smaller than what it should have been but it cannot be considered as a drawback in any way. The seats are really comfortable and the model is some way resembles a model of the Jaguar. The central display is like a giant iPad and you will get all the menus there which makes it easy for the driver to drive safely and access anything without being careless. The stiff structure together with a long wheelbase makes it easier for the driver to take turns easily. For a better cosseting ride the air sprung has been made softer and gentler and you can practically feel it like a mattress. Some of the unique features of this model are as follows:

  • More than one stand alone options
  • Two trim packages
  • Two inboard chargers
  • Three battery packs
  • Two motor power levels

This model also uses a liquid cooled AC motor which has the ability to produce 362 HP and 325 lb ft of torque with 16000 rpm and if there are additional windings then it would be able to produce 416 HP and 443 lb ft of torque. The base model would come with an 85 kWh lithium ion battery pack which would enable you to go 300 miles outright but if you want you will be able to buy both 60 kWh and 40 kWh packs later which would enable you to go 240 miles and 160 miles respectively. Depending on the voltage ratings and the amp you will also be able to decide the cut recharge time which normally varies from eight to four hours. This model could have been lighter but due to the 7000 cell battery which has been installed under the floor the weight has increased to quite an extent. This however does not affect the performance of the car. The driver would have the freedom to choose the steering boost levels and also the air spring suspension. The only point that can be taken as a drawback in this case is the half ton monolithic battery which would be just below the foot of the passengers giving them a feeling of sitting on a granite slab. The interior has been made in such a way so that the passengers and the driver do not feel anything when there is a bumper. This model also has five doors and an option for seven seats and the dashboard is made of glass with multicolor display screens. As said previously you may change the power of the battery depending on how long you drive but the base model will give you the option for the 300 miles which was advertised. The model is already launched and you can get the price for your area from the internet.

Citroen C-Elysee – Championship Race Car

The C-Elysee from the esteemed French auto manufacturer Citroen is the championship racing bcar which made its debut as a face-lift for the predecessor Elysee. The compact sedan was initially brought to attention in the year 2008 but has gone several upgradations over the years.

The 2013 edition incorporates the very patent flamboyance and technical skills of Citroen drawing in a huge fan following. It’s to mention here that the car has been crafted in French & industrialized in Spain- the best part is that it has passed with flying colors while tested in every driving condition. Are you intrigued to learn further about the magnificent Citron C-Elysee? The post here presents a brief review highlighting on the features of elegant sedan.

The new C-Elysee covers a dimension of 4.43 m in length, 1.7 m in width & 1.47 m in height- it stands on 2.65 m of wheelbase. You will surely the elegant chrome presence on the car portfolio. The Citroen model would be available in as many as 7 body colors. The C-Elysse interior has been backed by truly elegant designs. The sedan is pretty spacious and is the ideal car when you are planning a trip with an entire family. The backseat assures 120 mm of knee room ensuring best possible space for the passengers and comes with 506 l of boot capacity. You will be getting all the major standard equipments inside such as AC with digital display, speed-limiter/cruise control function, rear-parking sensors, MP3 auto radio & hands-free
Bluetooth kit.

The Citroen C-Elysee offers 3 engine options to its consumers. On one hand you have a choice to pick from either an edgy VTi 155 petrol option or VTi 72 engine. The car also enables you to vouch for HDi 92 diesel engine. The petrol based engine delivers around 72 HP & 110 NM of torque at around 3000 r per minute. The diesel engine produces higher torque at lower RPM & ensures reduced fuel consumption. All the 3 engines would be offered with choice of automatic or manual transmissions.

Motorsport -The 2013 Yamaha YZR-M1

The esteemed Nippon bike maker Yamaha has recently checked in with its 2013 version of YZR MI assuring superb performance at the MotoGP series. The brand new Yamaha version shows up with fresher design in comparison to its predecessors. The distinct striping design of the bike is being featured in the videos with the two stalwart riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi. The Yamaha YZR M1 2013 has been engineered with the assurance to provide some really thrill action on the race track. It’s to stress here that Yamaha was the last one among the MotoGP factory teams to release its 2013 launch after Pramac Ducati, Ducati Corse and Repsol Honda.Are you eager to know further about 2013 Yamaha YZR-M1? Well, the post here is a short note on the 2013 YZR MI release by the prestigious Japanese bike maker.

The bike sports heavy configuration and paces at maximum speed of around 360Kmph. You are getting a 4 cylinder, liquid cooled 4-stroke engine with sixteen-valve DOHC. The new 2013 Yamaha sports bike comes with a 1000 cc displacement and Magneti Marelli ignition with customizable mapping. The maximum power to be delivered by the bike is 236 bhp. It’s to stress here that the 2013 Yamaha YZR-MI comes with big tubefree radial tyres that enables a very flexible bending along the race tracks.

The 2013 Yamaha YZR-MI weighs around 346 pounds as per FIM regulations. You are getting a double tube aluminum backed delta box framework, multi-customizable steering geometry, ride height along with aluminum swingarm. The front suspension comes with Ohlins inverted fully adjustable telescopic fork.

The rear suspension features braced aluminum backed swingarm with mono Ohlins shock & rising-rate linkage. The front brake of the bike features 320 mm twin carbon discs plus radical mounted 4-piston Brembo calipers. The rear brake sports 220 mm single stainless steel ventilated disc with 2-piston Brembo caliper. The brakes have been backed by ABS provision. The Yamaha 2013 YZR MI comes with a fuel capacity of 21 litres, as per FIM regulations.

In regards to transmission, the Yamaha 2013 YZR MI assures six speed cassette gearbox- alternative gear-ratios would be available as well. The bike comes at 18,900,00 USD.

Red Bull New F1 Cars Launched For 2013

Red Bull has lately come up with its new F1 car RB9 with the aim to ensure its 4 the Formula 1 tournament double in a row. The racing car has been designed by Red Bull in partnership with the Nippon giant Infiniti and would be driven all through 2013 F1 season by Sebastian Vettel
(World Drivers’ Champion for 3 times) & Mark Webber. Vettel has fondly named the new RB9 release “Hungry Heidi”, in reference to Heidi Klum, the German supermodel. The post below is a short discussion highlighting on the Red Bull Infiniti RB9.

The RB9 made its debut at a gala event organized at Milton Keynes. The car is an artwork by Adrian Newey and his team comprising of Rob Marshall as the Chief Designer & Peter Prodromou as the Chief of Aerodynamics. The 2013 Red Bull release shares much of its design with its predecessor RB8- you simply can’t miss out on the trademark stepped-nose design.

The car body has been backed by Carbon composite Monocoque chassis. In regards to the engine you are getting a 2.4 l Renault RS27-2013 V8 naturally aspirated engine that has been engineered to deliver 18, 00 RPM. The engine sits mid-mounted inside the car and is armed with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) advancements.

In terms of transmission, the Red Bull Infiniti 2013 RB9 comes with 7 speed Renault gearbox which is longitudinally placed with the hydraulic system facilitating power shift & clutch operation. Both the front and rear suspension of the car sport aluminum backed alloy uprights,
multimedia dampers and carbon-composite dual wishbone with anti-roll bar and springs. The Red Bull Infiniti 2013 F1 launch runs at a speed of 215 mph.

The only noticeable difference in RB9 that distinguishes it from the RB8 is the livery which now vividly shows Infiniti logo on the racing car rather than the conventional Red Bull emblem. Red Bull has joined hands with Infiniti to come up with the cutting edge RB9 for 2013 and hence the Infiniti logo display on the car body, honoring the partnership.