What to Consider When Buying New Wheels

After mulling it over for a while, you’re finally ready to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance by buying a new set of wheels. However, before you click “buy now”, there are a few things to consider. Here, we’ll fill you in on what you need to know before buying wheels for your car or truck.

Write Down Your Tyre Size

Unless you’re buying a wheel and tyre package, you’ll have to ensure that your new Speedy alloy wheels fit your vehicle’s tyres. Write down the model, make, and size of the tyres, and tell the fitment expert those dimensions when you’re picking out your new set of wheels.

Look at Your Hubcaps

Some vehicles have unusual hubcaps, so it’s important to consider them when buying wheels. Numerous factors determine whether a cap will fit a wheel, including the wheel’s diameter, the hub size, and its lug pattern.

Plus Size or Standard Size?

Plus-sizing is a common trend among those buying King rims. In plus-sizing, you’ll buy wheels that are larger than the current set. Not only does it give your vehicle a new look, but it also improves the vehicle’s handling in tight turns. The only downside to plus-sizing is that it can make for a slightly harsher ride.

Bigger Wheels Cost More

The bigger your new set of Niche rims is, the more it will cost. This applies to tyres as well. While you may be set on getting an upsized wheel and tyre package for your vehicle, be sure to consider the cost before buying.

Remember: You Get What You Pay For

While cost is an important consideration when buying wheels and tyres, it’s just as vital not to go too cheap. The cheapest rims often break, bend, and crack, and while they help you save money upfront, you’ll pay more because you’ll have to replace the rims more often.

Choose a Finish

Once you’ve considered the dimensions of your current and desired wheels, it’s time to select a finish. Wheels come in a range of styles and colors, including chrome, milled, machined, gray, and black. Choose a style that suits your preferences and your driving habits.

Consult an Expert for Advice

No matter how much planning and research you do when buying Ford Ranger wheels in Australia, it’s best to consult an expert during the selection process. Our fitment specialists can answer all your questions about buying wheels and tyres, and they can also provide valuable insights. With our help, you’re sure to find a wheel and tyre package that works for you.

Call On the Wheel Experts Today

Our staff is very knowledgeable about everything related to wheels and rims, and we’d love to share that knowledge and experience with you so you can make an informed buying decision. If you’d like to learn which wheels will work for your vehicle, or if you’d like to browse our selection, contact us by email or by phone. We can’t wait to serve you!

2014 Cadillac ELR Review

A premium car with astonishing design, super stylish interiors, and the first ever electric hybrid offering from Cadillac- we present to you the brand new 2014 Cadillac ELR. Operating on electricity for a little over thirty miles (thirty seven), and hence switching the gas engine, the Cadillac ELR is quite like the Volt from Chevrolet. The major differentiating factor lies in its pricing making the former a whopping 41,000 USD dearer than the Chevy Volt. The Cadillac ELR range begins from 75,995 USD, which definitely puts the compact coupe in the premium car section. Let us now take an in-depth look into the car specification.

Now when we talk about electrical hybrids, the Chevrolet Volt is bound to come up pertaining to its ground breaking technology. Post 3 years of the launch of Volt, General Motors came up with a much more extravagant variant of the already popular sedan, its luxury coupe the Cadillac ELR.  

Design, Styling and inside out amenities:

Living up to Cadillac’s design standards, the ELR is no exception depicting a perfect combination of science and art. The much elegantly designed coupe, typically recalls the concept car. The pretty distinguishable grille, short front, high beltline, rear overhangs and a greenhouse shape all can be related to the idea of a concept car. The cutline and creases have been included in proportion and purposefully, making this hybrid coupe a class apart from its peers. 

Complementing its exteriors, the car interiors, not only looks chic, but also is sumptuously spacious. The coupe come with sport bucker front seats, comfortable rear seats which in turn can be folded for that extra bit of space. The cherry on the cake is the leather finish of the seats. 

If you are music lover, the Bose A 10 audio system with noise cancelling technology is bound to leave you mind boggled.  For that extra bit of driving support like driving range, energy used, entertainment alternatives, charging options, the ELR has been equipped with power steering and driver focus system, with an 8 inch long reconfigurable instrument and display panel.

The machine:

Another of the ELR’s USP lies in its pluggable hybrid powertrain, which is an improved version of its predecessor, the Chevrolet Volt. Here the primary source of power is the electrically charged motor while a smaller gas engine takes effect power the former drains out. The dual motor system generates a cumulative 207 HP along with 295 pound-feet of instant torque.  

Pretty much like other hybrid vehicles, this luxury coupe depends on the EV settings optimally prior to changing to the engine. The power deliverance is pretty much smooth like the Volt. It offers a fuel economy of 33 mpg for the gasoline engine and 82 mpg for the EV mode.

To conclude, if you want a ride that leaves behind a mark of luxury, a long chain of gasping individuals, a decent enough dent in your bank account and all of that in the most eco friendly way possible, the 2014 Cadillac ELR is just your machine. 

Fusion Hybrid, RX Hybrid And Volt Are Best Cars For The Money

Thinking of investing in a car that not only provides good value for money, but also is an eco friendly option? If so think no further. Two options from Ford and Toyota Lexus namely Fusion Hybrid and RX Hybrid will match you needs like never before. For the matter of fact these two cars have been recognized as the most desirable options under hybrid vehicle category. Another car that too is being critically acclaimed this year along with RX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid is the Chevrolet Volt from General Motors. These three cars have already made a mark this year and is quite an excellent purchase. Let’s look at the cars independently to get a better idea on why they are a must have. 

Ford Fusion Hybrid:

The 2019 Fusion sedan – the first Ford vehicle globally with standard new state-of-the-art Co-Pilot360™ driver-assist technology, plus sleeker styling for all models and greater projected all-electric driving range for the plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi.

Off late the market is mushrooming with hybrid vehicles globally, hence putting a lot of competition on automobile manufacturers to provide nothing but the best. Among the lot, the fusion Hybrid sedan from Ford sure has set a mark with just the right combination of seamless and refined hybrid system. With impeccable fuel economy, quite spacious and stylish interiors, and almost undetectable powertrain, the car sure is giving its peers run for their money. The 2014 version of the hybrid come with an electric motor and 4 cylinder engine offering excelling fuel efficiency. This sedan also comes with a larger trunk size quite handy in accommodating larger items.

Toyota Lexus RX Hybrid:

Bagging the award for this year’s most popular SUV that provides value for money, the Lexus RX Hybrid is here to stay. Not only is its cabin roomy, sophisticated and comfortable, but also the spacious cargo area is an add-on. In terms of fuel efficiency, this hybrid is a good pick coming with electric motors and V6 engines. CVT or continuous variable transmission feature of this car helps to optimally utilize the engine. It also comes with an optional infotainment system, leather made upholstery, ventilated and heated front seats, HD Radio, fifteen speaker audio system from Mark Levinson, rear and front parking sensors along with back view camera and a navigation system. 

Chevrolet Volt:

Apart from its two new color options and leather covered steering wheel, the brand new volt from Chevrolet hasn’t changed much from its previous variant.  Another major change that has left the loyals surprised is the amazing price drop of 5000 USD from 39,995 USD to 34,995 USD.  The powertrain of this model, called a series hybrid offers new feature of directly clutching the engine to transmission. This in turn assists the motor by providing a torque. Since it’s an electric car, you can completely forget any gear changes; the ride is smooth with a effortless torque. Unlike its peers, you can drive the Volt all the way, only by filling it up every three hundred miles or so for ten minutes. Claiming itself to be General Motors most advanced car technologically, the Volt can be plugged in any electric grid to recharge the battery (16 kw-hr lithium ion).

Now, that you know about the cars in dept, you can go ahead and make your pick

2013 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Overview

The 2013 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid comes with several unique features and it will be a good buy taking into consideration the performance it delivers on the road.

Exterior features- so far there have been seven versions for the 2013 Porsche Cayenne and the S Hybrid is one of them. It comes with heated power side mirrors, heated water nozzles, rain sensing wipers, water repellent front windows and an independently opening rear window located in the power tailgate. It also includes 18 inch aluminum wheels, LED tail lights, LED turn signal lights, LED running lights and automatic headlights.

Interior features- the S Hybrid is built with partial leather seats on the inside. Apart from this it has floor mats, cruise control, power door locks, power windows, automatic climate control and the seats are really comfortable where you will get the feeling of a couch when you sit. There is an analog clock which is placed in the dashboard and there is also a small refrigerator to carry chocolates and drinks. The interior also includes a reversing camera display, auxiliary audio input jack, CD and MP3 player, an amazing stereo with a 7 inch touch screen facility and a standard Bluetooth system. This model has the ability to hold 62.9 cubic feet cargo when the rear seat is folded down and 23.7 cubic feet of cargo behind the rear seat.

Optional features- the best part of this model is that you will be able to upgrade it any time you want. It has a wide range of paints, the aluminum wheels reaches to 21 inches in diameter and you will be able to change the interior color as well. The exterior trim can also be changed according to your wish. There are three types of audio which this model offers such as 1000 watt Burmeister high end surround sound system with 16 speakers, 585 watt Bose premium sound system and a 235 watt CDR Plus audio system with inbuilt iPhone and iPod connectivity and multiple USB ports. While buying you can choose any one of these audio systems although the price would differ according to the choice you have made. In addition to this there are several other option features as well such as it can be equipped with rear seat entertainment system, navigation system, online services with Aha Radio for accessing Facebook, full smart phone integration and satellite and HD radio.

For better control the S Hybrid has been added with 4 zone automatic climate control along with Alcantara inserts in the sport seats. These seats are subject 18 way power adjustment with ventilated front seats and heated front and rear seats. The heated steering wheel and the one push start button enables the car to start immediately when you press the button. There is also a mechanical air suspension which has self leveling and ride height control. Overall the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid is a car worth investing in and it has the power and the ability to run a long distance without any difficulty.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car Now

Electric cars are becoming the hot favorites these days for car lovers. After the introduction of these cars they have become popular in a very short period of time. There are many reasons why you should buy an electric car right away. Given below are some of the reasons:

  • Zero air pollution- zero air pollution or ZAP is basically the type of future which we would want and it can be achieved through the usage of electricity instead of fuel. When electricity is used in transportation it not only keeps the air pollution free but you would not have to spend for the fuel and the electricity can come from a wide number of sources such as solar cells, wind energy or geothermal power which are renewable resources.
  • Save gas- gasoline is very precious to the world economy and is one of the most valuable natural resource as well. The ZAP vehicles would not require any gasoline thus doing a great help for gasoline.
  • Save money- if you are using electric cars then you will be able to save a lot of money. We all know that the price of gas is increasing day by day and it would be better to switch over to an inexpensive format rather than spend so much money on fuel. In fact the electric motors are much simpler than the normal motors.
  • Save time- parking shortages and traffic congestion is very common these days but if you have an electric car then the work will be much simpler for you.
  • Help the economy- using electric cars would help to reduce dependence on foreign oil and this would benefit the economy by a great deal. The money spent in import and export of oil can be spent in some other sectors.
  • Combat global warming- the carbon emissions from the fuel are the main sources of global warming the depletion of the ozone layer. With electric cars there would be no question of any kind of fuel which would help to make the environment a cleaner and a better place to live in.
  • Protect the environment- the reduction in the use of fossil fuels would relieve the pressure of the natural resources. Natural resources are being used in leaps and bounds and if this trend continues then the world would be forced to use electric cars.
  • Social responsibility- electric cars are the most advanced forms of transportation and by using these types of cars you would be useful to your society as you may be the first of many people to start this awareness of ZAP.
  • Fun- electric cars are really fun to ride as they do not have any exhaust, vibration and produce very little noise. In addition to this they also offer a unique sensation while riding. They are basically smooth and fast.
  • Protect the future- with the environment getting filled by so many pollutants it would be great if you select electric cars as it would be a big step to protect the future of mankind.