Red Bull New F1 Cars Launched For 2013

Red Bull has lately come up with its new F1 car RB9 with the aim to ensure its 4 the Formula 1 tournament double in a row. The racing car has been designed by Red Bull in partnership with the Nippon giant Infiniti and would be driven all through 2013 F1 season by Sebastian Vettel
(World Drivers’ Champion for 3 times) & Mark Webber. Vettel has fondly named the new RB9 release “Hungry Heidi”, in reference to Heidi Klum, the German supermodel. The post below is a short discussion highlighting on the Red Bull Infiniti RB9.

The RB9 made its debut at a gala event organized at Milton Keynes. The car is an artwork by Adrian Newey and his team comprising of Rob Marshall as the Chief Designer & Peter Prodromou as the Chief of Aerodynamics. The 2013 Red Bull release shares much of its design with its predecessor RB8- you simply can’t miss out on the trademark stepped-nose design.

The car body has been backed by Carbon composite Monocoque chassis. In regards to the engine you are getting a 2.4 l Renault RS27-2013 V8 naturally aspirated engine that has been engineered to deliver 18, 00 RPM. The engine sits mid-mounted inside the car and is armed with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) advancements.

In terms of transmission, the Red Bull Infiniti 2013 RB9 comes with 7 speed Renault gearbox which is longitudinally placed with the hydraulic system facilitating power shift & clutch operation. Both the front and rear suspension of the car sport aluminum backed alloy uprights,
multimedia dampers and carbon-composite dual wishbone with anti-roll bar and springs. The Red Bull Infiniti 2013 F1 launch runs at a speed of 215 mph.

The only noticeable difference in RB9 that distinguishes it from the RB8 is the livery which now vividly shows Infiniti logo on the racing car rather than the conventional Red Bull emblem. Red Bull has joined hands with Infiniti to come up with the cutting edge RB9 for 2013 and hence the Infiniti logo display on the car body, honoring the partnership.