2014 Lexus ES 300 h Review

The Lexus ES 300 h is the latest addition to the Lexus ES line and it is a luxurious sedan which car lovers would definitely favor. Two of the main reasons why this model is becoming so popular in a short period of time is because the price is more affordable now and secondly more and more people are trying to experiment with the gas electric variant.

This model comes with an Atkinson cycle engine of 2.5 liter along with an AC synchronous motor and generator both of which has a permanent magnet. The 2AR FXE engine sits at the heart of the whole system and has the ability to shred the parasitic drag as much as possible. This entirely belt less design was first seen in 2014 and now it has been redesigned similarly in this model. The Hybrid Synergy Drive shares same platform which is used by Avalon and Camry hybrids and the only difference is that the weight of the ES is 250 pounds more than those models. This does not affect the performance of the car. The engine has the ability to power up to 156 HP and utilizes it in the compression ratio of 12:5:1. The power pulses of the ES 300 are merged with 2 electric motors via a computer control. The first motor will be mainly driven by the generator which would recharge the battery pack. It will also help in the starting of the gas engine when the car stops or starts to function. The other motor will be responsible for adding power to the drive as it would supply 142 HP which is equal to 105 kw at 4500 rpm and a torque as high as 199 lb ft at just 500 rpm. The fuel economy has been improved and you will also be able to utilize the electric power steering along with the electric water pump. Since there are possibilities for the electric motors and the gas to hit the peak in different points the system power has been fixed at a flat two hundred and there are no specifications for the peak gas electric torque. The weight of the battery is not excessive as it only weighs 108 pounds and the best part is it is 1.6 kWh liquid cooled battery which would be present in the rear part and not in the front thus making the rear part heavier than the front which is ideal for any car.

There are three modes in which the driver can drive this car and they are the EV mode, Sports mode and the Normal mode. The modes can be changed easily with a single button. The interior of the ES 300 is elegant and pleasing to the eyes and it will assure you a comfortable ride every time. The wheelbase has been increased to some extent from the previous models and the interior also has some extra room to make it comfortable when you sit.