The C-Elysee from the esteemed French auto manufacturer Citroen is the championship racing bcar which made its debut as a face-lift for the predecessor Elysee. The compact sedan was initially brought to attention in the year 2008 but has gone several upgradations over the years.

The 2013 edition incorporates the very patent flamboyance and technical skills of Citroen drawing in a huge fan following. It’s to mention here that the car has been crafted in French & industrialized in Spain- the best part is that it has passed with flying colors while tested in every driving condition. Are you intrigued to learn further about the magnificent Citron C-Elysee? The post here presents a brief review highlighting on the features of elegant sedan.

The new C-Elysee covers a dimension of 4.43 m in length, 1.7 m in width & 1.47 m in height- it stands on 2.65 m of wheelbase. You will surely the elegant chrome presence on the car portfolio. The Citroen model would be available in as many as 7 body colors. The C-Elysse interior has been backed by truly elegant designs. The sedan is pretty spacious and is the ideal car when you are planning a trip with an entire family. The backseat assures 120 mm of knee room ensuring best possible space for the passengers and comes with 506 l of boot capacity. You will be getting all the major standard equipments inside such as AC with digital display, speed-limiter/cruise control function, rear-parking sensors, MP3 auto radio & hands-free
Bluetooth kit.

The Citroen C-Elysee offers 3 engine options to its consumers. On one hand you have a choice to pick from either an edgy VTi 155 petrol option or VTi 72 engine. The car also enables you to vouch for HDi 92 diesel engine. The petrol based engine delivers around 72 HP & 110 NM of torque at around 3000 r per minute. The diesel engine produces higher torque at lower RPM & ensures reduced fuel consumption. All the 3 engines would be offered with choice of automatic or manual transmissions.