Thinking of investing in a car that not only provides good value for money, but also is an eco friendly option? If so think no further. Two options from Ford and Toyota Lexus namely Fusion Hybrid and RX Hybrid will match you needs like never before. For the matter of fact these two cars have been recognized as the most desirable options under hybrid vehicle category. Another car that too is being critically acclaimed this year along with RX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid is the Chevrolet Volt from General Motors. These three cars have already made a mark this year and is quite an excellent purchase. Let’s look at the cars independently to get a better idea on why they are a must have. 

Ford Fusion Hybrid:

The 2019 Fusion sedan – the first Ford vehicle globally with standard new state-of-the-art Co-Pilot360™ driver-assist technology, plus sleeker styling for all models and greater projected all-electric driving range for the plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi.

Off late the market is mushrooming with hybrid vehicles globally, hence putting a lot of competition on automobile manufacturers to provide nothing but the best. Among the lot, the fusion Hybrid sedan from Ford sure has set a mark with just the right combination of seamless and refined hybrid system. With impeccable fuel economy, quite spacious and stylish interiors, and almost undetectable powertrain, the car sure is giving its peers run for their money. The 2014 version of the hybrid come with an electric motor and 4 cylinder engine offering excelling fuel efficiency. This sedan also comes with a larger trunk size quite handy in accommodating larger items.

Toyota Lexus RX Hybrid:

Bagging the award for this year’s most popular SUV that provides value for money, the Lexus RX Hybrid is here to stay. Not only is its cabin roomy, sophisticated and comfortable, but also the spacious cargo area is an add-on. In terms of fuel efficiency, this hybrid is a good pick coming with electric motors and V6 engines. CVT or continuous variable transmission feature of this car helps to optimally utilize the engine. It also comes with an optional infotainment system, leather made upholstery, ventilated and heated front seats, HD Radio, fifteen speaker audio system from Mark Levinson, rear and front parking sensors along with back view camera and a navigation system. 

Chevrolet Volt:

Apart from its two new color options and leather covered steering wheel, the brand new volt from Chevrolet hasn’t changed much from its previous variant.  Another major change that has left the loyals surprised is the amazing price drop of 5000 USD from 39,995 USD to 34,995 USD.  The powertrain of this model, called a series hybrid offers new feature of directly clutching the engine to transmission. This in turn assists the motor by providing a torque. Since it’s an electric car, you can completely forget any gear changes; the ride is smooth with a effortless torque. Unlike its peers, you can drive the Volt all the way, only by filling it up every three hundred miles or so for ten minutes. Claiming itself to be General Motors most advanced car technologically, the Volt can be plugged in any electric grid to recharge the battery (16 kw-hr lithium ion).

Now, that you know about the cars in dept, you can go ahead and make your pick