But don't fret racers & fans, we will salvage this holiday weekend with a great show on SUNDAY, 07/05.

DOUBLE POINTS races for all classes as per our schedule.

PRO STICK RACING SERIES has Sunday, 07/05 as their rain date so they will be there!

And we'll still have our FIREWORKS show as soon as it gets dark.

SUNDAY, 07/05:  Gates open at 8:30 AM for our Junior Dragsters only. Junior Time Trials begin at 10 AM.
For all other classes, Gates open at 10:30 AM with Time Trials beginning at 1 PM.



Withers Continues Winning Streak in Bike/Sled Competition


Veteran racer, Mackenzie Cayea out of Williamson NY made a first time appearance of the 2015 season at Skyview Drags on Saturday and took home the win in Junior Dragster competition against runner-up Lewis Ink of Barton NY. Cayea, with her second win of her race season, dialed 7.90 and ran dead on her dial going 7.905 at 81.83 mph, leaving the line with a .579 reaction time. Ink dialed 10.30, broke out running 10.243 at 61.79 mph, .615 reaction time. In the semi finals, Cayea advanced to the final after defeating Hannah Garinger of Exeter Pa. Both girls were dialed 7.91 and in it to win it! Hannah went .497 red running 7.948 at 81.07 mph. Cayea was .503 on the tree, running 7.897 at 82.23 mph. Ink advanced to the final with a bye run.

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Scribani Brothers Battle it out in Pro Final

Mother nature struck again at Skyview Drags on Saturday June 13, 2015 leaving the track and much of the area without power until Noon. Once power was restored, the track officials gave the okay for the Junior Dragsters to head down to the staging lanes to start off a full day of racing.

 Junior Dragster

Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY took home the trophy in Junior Dragster competition after defeating Lewis Ink of Barton NY in the final round. Denmark dialed 8.02, Ink dialed 10.19, had identical .624 reaction times, but Ink broke out running a too fast 10.175 at 62.24 mph on his dial. Denmark ran a 8.048 at 77.48 mph. In the semi finals, Ink moved on after defeating points leader Hannah Garinger of Exeter Pa. Garinger dialed 7.94, was .639 on the tree, running 7.992 at 80.20 mph. Ink with the better .543 light, ran 10.254 at 61.73 mph on his 10.19 dial. Rookie driver AJ Denmark of Ovid NY had a tough draw against his sister Hunter Denmark. AJ dialed 16.15 ran 16.222 at 39.47 mph after a red light start to Hunter. Hunter went .681 on the tree, running 8.019 at 81.67 mph on her 7.98 dial.

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Garinger Takes Home 2nd Season Win in Juniors!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with Skyview Drags best efforts to hold a Test & Tune and Gamblers Race on Friday June 5, 2015.  A storm cell came through leaving the track no choice but to cancel racing for the evening after sending a few pair down the track. 

With over 100 competitors entered Saturday June 6, 2015, Skyview marked the 3rd points race of the season completed in the books.  The results:

Junior Dragster

Hannah Garinger of Exeter Pa took home the first class win of the day in the Junior Program against rookie, Anthony Ferrigno.  Garinger at the line and going for her second win of the season, dialed 8.00 against Ferrgno's 13.85 ET.  Ferrigno went .429 red on the tree, automatically turning the win light on for Garinger who went .600 on the tree, and ran dead on her dial 8.0009 at 79.79 mph.  In the semi finals, veteran racer, Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY took home the semi final finish after being defeated by Ferrigno.  Denmark dialed 8.11, broke out running a 8.101 at 74.61 mph, .561 reaction time.  Ferrigno dialed 13.75, went .605 on the tree running 14.047 at 43.65 mph.  Garinger had the bye run to the final.

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Quick Updates

TRACK PHONE: 607-343-9325

RACE FUEL: Now being sold every Saturday at Shangri-La II by Tom Bellinger. If you need to reach Tom to make sure he has the racing fuel octane you need, contact him at 607-343-2567.


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