Well folks, this is a tough call to make. It's a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. But here's the decision:

1. We will not race today because the weather is calling for 60% chance of rain this afternoon and we don't want to have another make-up race on our hands for this weekend.

2. We are still planning to run a Test & Tune tonight. Will know more as the day progresses and we can see what the weather brings. Cancelled because of rain.

3. Saturday, 10/05 -- Gates open at 8:30 AM and Time Trials start at 10 AM (no Junior Dragster class) for all classes. We will run the make-up race FIRST. Then the Halloween Classic Race #1 immediately following. There will be Time Trials for the Halloween Classic race. Massive rain caused us to postpone finishing the makeup race until Sunday.

4. Sunday, 10/06 -- Gates open at 9:30 AM and Time Trials start at 11 AM (no Junior Dragster class) for all classes. This will be Halloween Classic Race #2.

We want to get all of our races in and weather-wise, this schedule change appears to be our best chance of getting it done. We hope everyone understands. Thank you!

Morgan Burgess Wins 2013 Junior Dragster Class Championship!


Saturday September 28th, 2013 was the close of the 2013 Junior Dragster 660 Points Competition naming Morgan Burgess of Canton Pa as the 2013 Champion after a runner-up finish to Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY.  Houghtalen took home his first win in the final round of the Junior Dragster class and finished 7th in the points standings.  Houghtalen dialed a 10.45, had the better .528 reaction time running a 10.564 ET on his dial.  Burgess dialed 7.94, went .660 on the tree, running a 7.954 ET.  In the Semi Finals, Houghtalen defeated Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa.  Houghtalen dialed 10.45, went .534 on the tree running a 10.507 ET.  Teed dialed 7.95, went .560 on the tree running a 8.003 ET.  Burgess defeated Chandler McGarry in the Semis.  McGarry left the line first with a .615 reaction time, but broke out running a 8.911 ET on his 8.93 dial.  Burgess gave chase going .579 on the tree and running a 7.974 ET on her 7.90 dial.

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2013 IHRA Bracket Finals Update from Pittsburgh Raceway Park

Friday, 09/20 -- Congratulations to Randi Teed for her Junior Dragster win in the Gamblers race. Congratulations to Don Kiekel for his Top ET win in the Gamblers race. Thank you both for representing Team Skyview and bringing home the win!

Saturday, 09/21 -- Congratulations to Dunham Hall for winning Best Engineered Junior Dragster. Congratulations to Morgan Burgess for winning Best Appearing Junior Dragster. We are very proud of you both.

The start of the 2013 Bracket Finals was rained out. Stay tuned for more updates as the IHRA works to get the show underway tomorrow!

UPDATE: Thank you to ALL of our racers who made the long tow out to Pittsburgh to represent Team Skyview. Congratulations to Larry Carasea (Mod) who made it to round 4; Don Kiekel (Top) who made it to round 4; and Scott Drake (Top) who made it all the way to the semi-finals. Great job guys!


An Open Letter To Our Skyview Drags Racing Family

When Skyview Drags first opened in the middle of the 2004 racing season, we never dreamed that we would grow so quickly and gain so many racers and fans. It just 9 short years, we’ve gotten to know each of you on a personal level as you’ve raced with us. Together, we’ve mourned the loss of racers who left us too soon and we’ve celebrated great joys as our racers have won track championships, divisional championships and represented our track at the World championships. Through it all, we’ve learned what to do and what not to do and we are still learning.

While 2013 has been an excellent year for us in car count, we acknowledge that we have had some challenges to work through that have, at times, impacted our racers and fans. We are working hard to continually improve and bring Skyview Drags back to the level it has been in the past and then continue to improve and make it even better.

We have listened to our racers feedback and appreciate all of the support you continue to give us. But we are also disheartened by the constant negative, mean-spirited comments that a few people have resorted to posting on public forums. These comments do nothing to help improve the situation and take away from our racer’s ability to focus on the one thing that most of you want to do – race!

Skyview management completely understands that some people are not happy with what we have to offer them. If, after considering our plans to improve and grow our racing program, you are still unhappy with what we are doing, we will respect your right to race elsewhere and wish you nothing but the best for your race program.

Amy Culver, Track Manager, oversees the day-to-day operations of the facility to ensure that everyone has a great racing experience at a well run dragstrip. Any questions regarding the track operations should be directed to Amy.

As many of you know, we have hired long-time ESTA announcer Gary Simons to be our announcer at Skyview Drags – Gary’s now pulling double duty at both tracks! Gary brings over a decade of racing experience to the track and is part of our plans to grow our racing program. With the addition of Gary to our program, this has allowed Bob Russell not to wear so many hats. He can now focus on emergency services and track safety where we need him the most.

Mitch Alexander will continue to be our track official and inspector. Mitch Nichols will continue to work the starting line for us. Both gentlemen are an integral part of our track operations and safety program. Any questions regarding rules should be directed to Mitch A.

Margo Turner will continue to work the registration booth and in 2014 will be responsible for our 660-Points program. Our goal for next year is to ensure that the Summit Super Series and the 660-Points are updated no later than the Wednesday following a race day.

Debbie Noe will continue to oversee our concession stand and make certain that everyone is well fed! We also hope to retain the rest of our amazing staff as we appreciate all of their hard work and efforts to make the show run smoothly every week.

And last, but not least, we cannot thank our volunteers enough. These people have stepped forward and offered to help us improve and grow. We are grateful for their support and positive outlook on our racing program.

Crystal Curpier has been writing our weekly website articles for the past 2 years. She will be stepping back into racing in 2014 but we hope to retain her volunteer services as our track writer.

We would like to continue to have a strong Facebook presence with our pictures. We hope to entice Greg Zyla to continue to volunteer his services and take those amazing shots for us.

We are also grateful to Kathy Kiekel who has volunteered to be the track promoter for 2014. Kathy will work on our 2014 racing schedule (a rough outline is already done), ensure that our website is updated every week with the latest information, maintain a positive Facebook presence and help to grow our fan base, put into writing our track rules so that every racer who comes to Skyview understands how we run our program, and ensure that our racers receive timely communications about all of our Test & Tune, 660-Point races, and special events.

Our last word is on the Bracket Finals. Racers who run for points all year are given the first opportunity to qualify for Team Skyview based on where they rank at the cutoff for the Bracket Finals. We sincerely appreciate the dedication that our racers have to Skyview to run with us every week and qualify to race for Team Skyview. However, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that when you race for Team Skyview you are representing the track and we expect you to do so with pride, dignity and sportsmanship. Any racer who cannot represent the track in this manner will not be asked to represent the track in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We value you as racers and as part of our racing family. If we have not conveyed this properly this year, we sincerely apologize. You are the lifeblood of our track and we are happy to have you race with us.


Repeat Season Wins for Teed, Scribani, Garcia & Bacon in the Regular 660 Points Competition!

randi teed nsn winSaturday September 7th, 2013 point’s competition started with the Junior Dragster class lined up in the staging lanes to kick off the day.  Semi Final eliminations lined last year’s track champion, Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa against Junior driver Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY.  Teed dialed 7.93 went .592 on the tree, running a 7.952 ET on her dial.  Hacker dialed 7.94, went .386 red on the tree, moving Teed into the Final round to take on Hannah Garinger of New Albany Pa.  Garinger advanced into the Final after receiving the bye run in the Semis.  In the Final round, Garinger left first dialed 12.88, running a 12.987 ET on her dial, .631 reaction time.  Teed, dialed 7.95, had the better 6.08 reaction time, running a 7.966 ET on her dial.  

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