Summit Super Series!

Congratulations to our Box, No Box & Junior Dragster Summit Super Series Winners!

Box - Carl Drake Jr

No Box - Shane Garinger

Junior Dragster - Morgan Burgess 


Bracket Finals qualifier!

Bracket Finals Driver Qualifier:

uper Pro-Top 18
Bike/Sled-Top 3
Pro-Top 12
Juniors- Top 3
Street-Top 5


Cute off date for this is Wednesday September 11th
Call Amy at (607)687-9392 or 607-343-9325
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SUPER PRO            
  Pete Curpier PX42 46 0 46
  Carl Drake     Jr. 1X7T 41 3 44
  Richie Forbes 147D 38 1 39
  Matt Forbes 1529 37 2 39
  Franc Francis 1X89 32 4 36
  Rick Simon     Sr.  AX01  31 0 31
  Chuck Fish 1709 26 2 28
  Casey     Jo Scaccia B185 26 1 27
  Kathy  Kiekel  SX14 24 3 27
  Don Kiekel  DX18 24 2 26
  Gene Stankovitz  1114 21 3 24
  John  Cooper 171X 23 0 23
  Steve  Morton  554 18 1 19
  Randy  Teed 138 16 1 17
  Erik  Larsen LX69 14 2 16
  Sadie Stoller 4X24 14 0 14
  Dale  Osborn  1255 12 1 13
  Aaron Hacker 6X23 12 0 12


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August 17th, 2013 -No Box Car Dominates in Shootout!

A full day of racing with the Box/No Box Shootout presented by Interstate Auto Parts and the Regular 660 Points show was hosted by Skyview Drags on August 17th, 2013.  The race consisted of 2 separate races, 1 Box Race and 1 No Box Race, with the winner of each race facing off in the ultimate Shootout.  A total of 68 Box/No Box competitors entered the Shootout for their chance at the $10,000.00 purse.  In Box competition, Bob Belvick of Durhamville NY defeated Dan Fox in the Final round, moving Belvick into the Shootout to face the No Box winner.  Belvick dialed 4.90 went .502 on the tree running 4.966 ET on his dial.  Fox dialed 5.50, went .569 on the tree running a 5.510 ET.

Semi Final round lined Fox against Carl Drake Jr of Binghamaton NY.  Drake dialed 5.00, broke out running a 4.995 ET on his 5.00 dial, .524 reaction time.  Fox went .502 on the tree running 5.512 ET on his 5.50 dial.  Belvick earned his way to the final with a bye run in the Semi Finals.

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Skyview Drags Holds 5th Annual Junior Dragster Shootout!

Saturday August 24th 2013, brought 18 competitive Junior Dragster racers to compete for their shot of being named Champion at the 5th Annual Junior Dragster Shootout.  Drivers entered into 2 separate races with the winner of each facing off in the Shootout Elimination.  In the first race, last year’s Shootout Champion Dunham Hall of Syracuse NY took the win over Morgan Burgess of Canton Pa.  Hall dialed 7.90 went .541 on the tree running the number with a 7.906 ET.  Burgess left too soon with a .496 red going 7.930 ET on her 7.92 dial.  In the Semi Final round, Hall defeated Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa.  Hall dialed 7.90 had the better .543 reaction time running 7.966 ET.  Teed dialed 7.93 went .612 on the tree running 7.961 ET.  Burgess went on to the final after defeating Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY.  Hacker dialed 7.99, broke out running 7.988 ET on her dial, .602 reaction time.  Burgess dialed 7.90 went .552 on the tree running 7.941 ET.

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Summit Team Finals!

The Summit Team Finals 1/4 mile event will be held the weekend of September 18-22, 2013 at Pittsburgh Raceway Park.  Saturday August 31st will be the final points qualifier for the Bracket Finals and the final points race for the Summit Super Series.  Information on this event will be at registration please ask when you sign in to race.
D3 Team Finals Schedule




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