The Memorial Day Weekend brought a 2-day race to Skyview Drags. The weekend started off with Friday night Test & Tune but about 1 hour into the evening, the skies opened up and torrential rains saturated the track. Clean up went into Saturday morning and so we started the May 28th show about 2 hours behind scheduled. Saturday was Old School Nostalgia Night with special shows from NETO (Northeast Timing Organization). Although the Great Lakes Funny Car event was cancelled because of the impending weather, Skyview was pleased to have the Tweety’s Rat car driven by Bob Rosetty and the Rollin’ Stoned car of Joe Jacono put on 2 great exhibition runs for the fans. Sunday, May 29th was a regular point’s race for all classes. Both days races were completed.


The show started off with 15 racers in our Precision Crankworks Junior Dragster program. Our youngest competitors made their way through 4 rounds of competition to see sisters Randi and Haley Teed in the finals. The win light went to the younger sister as 13-year old Randi Teed took home the trophy and $200 savings bond for her efforts. 14-year old Haley Teed took home a $100 savings bond for her great showing. Semi-finalists were Ron Klein and Faith Peckham. In the Junior Dragster Second Chance race, which Skyview offers for the racers we do not win first round and would like more seat time. The finals saw Jared Baker taking the win over Abby Hacker, who reached the final round for her second week in a row. Semi-finalists were Morgan Burgess and Dave Morris.

North East Timing Organization (NETO) was at Skyview to put on a special show for the fans. NETO was founded in 1999 by Bob “Tiny” Eglit and offers pre-1974 cars including front engine dragsters, funny cars, altered, gassers, super stocks and stockers for your racing enjoyment.

In NETO Comp, racers run off a .400 tree and must run at least 9.75 seconds ET in the ¼-mile. The finals at Skyview saw Brian English line up against the fiat-bodied altered of Joe Morrison with Morrison earning the win.

In NETO Nostalgia, racers run off a .500 tree and must run 10.00 seconds ET or slower in the ¼-mile. The finals at Skyview pitted Lee Mills and his beautiful ’67 Ford Fairlane against Craig Norton’s ’55 Ford Thunderbird. Mills had the better reaction time and ran dead on his 7.29 dial to take the win.

SKYVIEW_5_28_11_089In the Super Pro class, Kathy Kiekel proved she was no “one-hit wonder” as she worked her way through the field and earned a spot in the finals for the second consecutive week. This time, she would face the Nova of Jim Potenziano Sr. With Kiekel winning the coin toss, she pulled into the right lane and Potenziano took the left lane. After the burnouts, Potenziano pre-staged, followed by Kiekel. Potenziano then staged his car, but before Kiekel could stage her truck, Potenziano launched his car down the track. Kiekel staged and then turned the car off to await instructions from track officials. “I wasn’t going to move an inch until an official gave me the okay,” said Kiekel. “I knew I had just won my second race, so there was no way I was going to mess up anything on a technicality.” When the track officials gave Kiekel the okay, she drove her truck down the track to pick up her second win. Potenziano had mechanical issues with his trans brake not holding, which caused his Nova to lurch forward when he staged. “I was already on the button and knew I was done for,” said Potenziano. “So I just let go and launched the car.” Matt Spisak was the semi-finalist. Later that day, Bob Hacker, the victim of a Potenziano prank last week, came over to Kiekel to let her know that the Hacker’s personally saw Potenziano pulling wires under his Nova so that it would “malfunction” in the finals because Potenziano didn’t want to lose to a girl! Tune in next week folks to see who pranks who next.

Mike LaRose and his “Hustle Stuff” ’68 GTX made a repeat showing in the finals this week. This time, he would face Bruce Rowan’s Camaro. LaRose pushed a bit too hard to try and repeat his winning ways from last week and he went .4969 red, giving the win to Rowen. Mel Teed and her Olds 442 was the semi-finalist.

Keeping the winning day alive for the Teed family, Randy Teed and his fast sled reached the finals and would face 2010 Bike/Sled class Champion Brent Garcia on his Buell motorcycle. Teed had the better reaction time off the line and when Garcia broke out, he handed the win over to Teed who celebrated in victory lane with his family.

In Street Money, Howie Conklin made it to the finals to face Tony Zanaw with Conklin coming out the winner. Glenna Erecitano was the semi-finalist. And then, in the Street Trophy class, Howie Conklin would again make it to the finals winning over the #43 car (no driver information at this time) to take home two huge trophies for all of his hard work. Glenna Erecitano and Shanon Fenton were semi-finalists.

In the TCR (Teen Championship Racing) class, Christian Taylor took the win over Teresa Kurtz.


For our second day of point’s racing, 11 Junior Dragster racers took to the track to start the day. Jared Baker, yesterday’s Second Chance winner met Randi Teed, yesterday’s eliminations winner, in the finals. The weekend would be ruled by the young Miss Teed, who is only in her second year of racing. She notched back to back wins for a truly memorable weekend. Morgan Burgess was the SKYVIEW_5_28_11_225semi-finalist. In the Junior Dragster Second Chance race, the finals saw Kimberly Klein, who turned 15 that day, defeat Dunham Hall. Haley Teed was the semi-finalist. As a special give-away, Junior Dragster sponsor Precision Crankworks offered a prize to the first junior racer to post a .50xx light in competition. We had to wait until the semi-finals before Dunham Hall hit the mark. Next week, Hall will race at Skyview Drags for free courtesy of Precision Crankworks.

In the Super Pro class, Chuck Fish got the chance to show off his brand new American dragster as he made his way through the field. Fish earned a bye run in the semi-finals and with only 3 cars remaining, he was guaranteed a spot in the finals. Matt Spisak defeated Brett VanBrocklin and his new American dragster in the semi-finals. Spisak would now face Fish in the finals. Fish had a .5169 reaction time and ran 4.9521 on a 4.94 dial while Spisak had a .5270 reaction time running 6.9770 on his 6.96 dial. It was all over at the starting line and Fish earned his first win at Skyview this season. “I plan to race at Skyview more this year,” said Fish. “I might take a week off every now and then and race some big money races elsewhere, but I definitely plan to be here a lot more this season.”

In the Pro Class, Bob Belvick and Joe Rodriguez squared off in the finals. Belvick posted a .5181 reaction time and when Rodriguez broke out the win light came on for Belvick. However, as the cars approached the finish line, blue smoke came billowing out of Belvick’s beautiful Camaro. The good news? Belvick just won Pro class. The bad news? He blew up the motor doing it. Tim Zyla, driving Manley Houghtalen’s Camaro, was the semi-finalist.

In the Bike/Sled class, Randy Teed tried for a repeat of yesterday’s win as he faced off against Jason Crawford in the finals. Teed pushed the lights just a bit too hard and went red, handing the win over to Crawford. Robert Withers was the semi-finalist.

The Street Money class saw Gary French and his Illegal Regal face off against the Mustang of Roger Seidel, with Seidel taking his first win of the 2011 season. Rookie Mike Ink and Glenna Erecitano were semi-finalists.

In Street Trophy, Gary French defeated Howie Conklin in the semi-finals. He would then take on the #43 car (no driver information at this time) in the finals with French taking home the trophy.

In the TCR class, it was Christian Taylor for the second day in a row standing in Victory Lane.

Next up for Skyview Drags is a double header on Saturday, June 4th. First up will be the June 4th Junior Dragster race starting at 10 AM. The Junior Dragsters got their May 7th race in so they do not have a double header. As soon as the juniors are finished, Skyview will start the May 7th make-up race for all other classes. Immediately following the completion of the make-up race, Skyview will run the June 4th race for all other classes.