Skyview Drags Crowns New Girlz Gone Racing Winner; Completes All Classes on Saturday, June 25th

Early morning rain threatened to derail another weekend of racing at Skyview Drags, but track personnel were able to dry the track just as the Junior Dragster racers started to enter the gates. Although overcast for much of the day and amid a few sprinkles of rain during the day, Rumble Ridge held its own and Skyview was able to complete all 7 of its regular class races plus the special Girlz Gone Racing event.

The day started off with the Junior Dragster class. This class is for our 8-18 year olds who run scale-model versions of the dragsters that you see in our Super Pro class. Eleven young racers participated in the Precision Crankworks sponsored class. In the Second Chance Race, which Skyview offers to its youngest class of racers for those who do not win the first round, Jared Baker out of Newfield, NY defeated Haley Teed from Friendsville, PA when she went red by .4999 – just .0001 on the wrong side of perfection. In eliminations points leader Randi Teed from Friendsville, PA defeated Cody Reome out of Blodgett Mills, NY when Cody red-lit right out of the gate.

The next series of racing began promptly at 1 PM with time trials for all six classes. Elimination rounds immediately followed these time trials.

6-25_st_moneyTeen Championship Racing, TCR, is for our 13-17 year olds who do not yet have a driver’s license. They are accompanied by a parent or guardian, who has a valid driver’s license and can coach them from the passenger’s seat. In only its second year at Skyview Drags, the class is still being developed and the track would love to recruit more teens into this street racing program. In the finals, points leader Teresa Kurtz out of Newark Valley, NY defeated Brandon Searcy from Lowman, NY when Searcy red-lit at the starting line.

Street Trophy is considered the entry level class at Skyview Drags. Racers run their street cars against each other in an effort to win the trophy and bragging rights for the week. In the finals, Tim Carper took the win over Shanon Fenton from Laceyville, PA when Fenton red-lit at the starting line. Charlie Fulmer and current point’s leader Howie Conklin from Grahamsville, NY were semi-finalists.

Street Money pays $200 to win and Skyview gets a good number of street racers at the track every weekend. This weekend saw Shanon Fenton make it to the finals in both Street Trophy and Street Money. But Paul Cody, from Van Etten, NY had his sights set on a win. He drove his Chevelle to victory lane for his first ever Skyview Drags win. Cody had a .5738 reaction time and ran a 7.941 ET on his 7.88 dial to take the win light.

6-25_bike_sledBike/Sled is a class for drag motorcycles and drag snowmobiles. If you have never seen a snowmobile race on a track, come to Skyview Drags and watch the racers in this class run their bikes and sleds, some in excess of 100 mph in only 660 feet. The finals pitted the sled of Chrissy Klein from Liberty, NY against defending Skyview Bike/Sled champion Brent Garcia from Cincinnatus, NY. Garcia, dialed in at 6.95 left first on his Beull motorcycle with Klein, dialed in at 6.43 giving chase on her sled. Klein had a stellar .5018 reaction time against Garcia’s .5830 to cinch her victory. Chrissy &Ron Klein help their children, Kimberly & Ron Jr. in the Junior Dragster class. “Once the kids are done racing, then it’s time for Mom to play,” says Klein. “I enjoy the challenge of racing my snowmobile on the 1/8-mile track. There’s only 660 feet to cut a good light, run the number and gauge what the other racer is doing. It happens so fast and I just love when my win light comes on!”

The Pro class at Skyview Drags gives us some gorgeous muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s era of racing. The largest field of cars at Skyview, the Pro class is for modified cars running 9.09 and quicker in the 1/8-mile. The finals pitted 4-time defending Skyview Pro class champion Shane Garinger, out of New Albany, PA, against Tim Zyla out of Sayre, PA driving the Manley Houghtalen Camaro. Zyla has put together some nice showings this race season but it was Garinger and his Dart Swinger who came out on top in the finals when Zyla red-lit right out of the gate. Joe Carlyle from Sayre, PA debuted his new Vega and earned the semi-finalist spot for his efforts.

6-25_sproThe Super Pro class brings out the fast door cars, altereds and dragsters. Most of the cars in this class run an Elapsed Time (ET) in the 1/8-mile between 4 and 6 seconds. The finals pitted Carl Drake Sr., from Binghamton, NY and his beautiful Nova against Don Kiekel, also from Binghamton, NY and his Danny Nelson Racecraft dragster. Kiekel had the better reaction time off the starting line but ran under his 5.22 dial and broke out. Drake was dead on his 5.80 dial and took home his first win at Skyview this season. “This was my first time out this year with the new motor, built by fellow Super Pro racer Richie Forbes,” said Drake. “I was running it all out every round trying to get data to dial off of.” In the end, Drake’s data proved to be perfect and his smile in the winner’s circle says it all. Chet Dragon towed up from Pennsylvania with his altered and earned the semi-finalist spot for his efforts.

In a special racing extravaganza, Skyview Drags proudly presented its second annual Girlz Gone Racing event. Open to all women age 18 and older with a valid driver’s license, these women compete in a bracket race with their sleds, street cars or race cars provided that no electronics are used, such as what is run in our Super Pro class. The event started out on a “frightening” note with Pro Class racers Gino Mangino and Jeff Gallick donning Pit Bitch shirts in support of their wives and daughters who were racing in this event. Mangino, in his ill-fitting shirt, magically appeared at the head of the staging lanes to cheer the girls on. Many a woman was scarred for life from this fun-filled event! But racing got under way and four rounds later there were only two women left! The finals saw Julia Gallick, daughter of Pro class racer Jeff Gallick, and her Hyundai Accent against Nancy Mangino, wife of Pro class racer Gino Mangino, and her S10 Truck. Gallick, from Sayre, PA dialed a 12.00 flat against Mangino’s slightly slower 12.63 dial in. But the race ended on the starting line when Gallick went red. This is Mangino’s first drag racing win. She will be racing in the Street class at Skyview this season. Mangino thanked her husband Gino for his support of her new racing career and was glad that her daughters could be at Skyview to see her win. Mangino also took time out to thank Super Pro racer Kathy Kiekel for her help a few weeks ago when Mangino was struggling with the lights in a truck she felt was just too slow to race. “Kathy reminded me that she started racing in her grocery getter that ran down the track at about 14 seconds,” said Mangino. “She told me that the speed of the car doesn’t matter and that you can race anything. Kathy gave me some helpful tips for how to cut good lights in a car that’s slow to react out of the gate and I’ve been doing great ever since. And today, I won!” Congratulations to all of the women who brought their cars and their cheering sections to this fun race. Skyview hopes to see everyone back next year for another fun filled event.

6-25_ggrThe Northern Summer Nationals come to Skyview Drags over the Independence Day weekend. This is the second 2-day show of the 2011 season. “We just completed a great IHRA Summit Racing ProAm event on June 18th& 19th,” said track director Amy Culver. “Now we are opening the month of July with another 2-day event for our racers and fans. The weekend will be jam-packed with hard fought races and a lot of family fun.” Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd bring two full days of regular class racing to the track. Gates open at 8:30 AM for Junior Dragsters both days. Gates open at 10:30 AM for all other classes both days.