Veteran Pro Class Racer Jeff Coleman Earns His First Trip to Victory Lane!

skyview1With the weather forecasters predicting a high chance of rain starting around 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13, Skyview Drags pushed hard to get their weekly show in and finished before the skies opened up. The Skyview staff had the track prepped and ready for the first class to begin promptly at 10 a.m.

In the Junior Dragster class, nine racers, ages eight to 18, wheeled their scale-version dragsters onto the track to vie for the $200 savings bond and trophy offered by Skyview every week. In addition, the class sponsor, Precision Crankworks out of Kirkwood, N.Y. offered a $50 Visa gift card to the first Junior racer in competition who had a .50 light.

It came down to the semi-finals before Jared Baker, out of Newfield, N.Y. nailed a .5020 reaction time to claim the $50 gift card. That stellar reaction time also earned him a bye run into the Elimination finals, where he would face Teresa Kurtz from Newark Valley, N.Y. Kurtz defeated young rookie racer Hayden Houghtalen who made it all the way to the semi-finals after only a few weeks in this sport. In the final round, Jared Baker would run an 8.045 Elapsed Time (ET) on his 8.02 dial at 80.45 mph while Kurtz would break out, running a 9.193 ET on her 9.22 dial at 70.85 mph.
For the Second Chance Race, offered by Skyview for first round non-winners who would like additional seat time and to continue in the competition, the finals saw Dylan Peckham from Oriskany Falls, N.Y. defeat 2010 Junior Dragster Rookie of the Year Randi Teed from Friendsville, Pa. Teed, who is currently the points leader in her class, ran a 9.042 ET on her 9.03 dial, while Peckham ran a 7.972 ET on his 7.97 dial to take the win. Faith Peckham from Oriskany Falls, N.Y. and Hannah Garinger, from New Albany, Pa. were semi-finalists.

At 1 p.m., Skyview started the time trials for all remaining classes and would run a tight time line in an effort to complete the next six class races before any rain entered the area.
Twenty-two racers signed up for Super Pro to vie for the $900 top prize offered to the fastest class on Rumble Ridge. In the semi-finals, the draw of the cards pitted Kris Larsen from Cortland, N.Y. against prolific winner and veteran racer Chet Dragon who tows up from the Shickshinny, Pa. area.

Current point’s leader Kathy Kiekel, from Binghamton, N.Y. drew the bye run racer, her husband Don Kiekel who had lane choice. Larsen and Dragon were the first pair out. The starting line advantage went to Dragon with a .5170 reaction time (.5000 is perfect) against Larsen’s .5580 reaction. Dragon’s altered ran a 6.588 ET on his 6.57 dial to take the win.

Both Kiekel’s were up next with Kathy leaving first in her S10 Truck and her husband giving chase in his Danny Nelson Racecraft Dragster. Kathy Kiekel had the starting line advantage with a .5130 reaction to Don’s .5350 reaction time. Kathy ran a 6.037 on her 6.02 dial but Don broke out with a 5.277 on his 5.29 dial while trying to catch her. For the finals, Dragon would run the left lane dialed a 6.57 and Kiekel would run the right lane dialed a 6.03. With nearly identical reaction times, Kiekel gave chase to Dragon and in one of the closest finish line runs, Dragon broke out by 1/10,000 of a second running a 6.5699 to give Kiekel her third win of the season.

In the Pro class, 33 racers lined up their beautiful modified cars to duke it out for the $900 top prize. In the final round, Mike Scribani from Delhi, N.Y. dialed a 6.60 on his Camaro and Jeff Coleman from Barton, N.Y. dialed a 7.10 on his Camaro.

As both cars staged, Scribani suffered a trans-brake failure that caused his car to back out of the staging beams. The win light came on for Coleman and he notched his very first victory in Skyview’s Pro class. Blake Furman, from Camptown, Pa. was the semi-finalist. Back in the pits, Coleman celebrated his victory with his wife Brenda and his brother Terry Coleman, who runs the Ancient Orange Camaro in Pro class.

In the Bike/Sled class, six racers set their sights on the $200 prize money. The finals pitted the Polaris sled of Boyd McGarry from Horseheads, N.Y. against the Buell motorcycle of multi-time track champion and current point’s leader Brent Garcia from Cincinnatus, N.Y. Garcia would leave first with McGarry giving chase. Garcia had a .5309 reaction time, giving him a slight advantage over McGarry’s .5429 reaction time. McGarry ran a 5.635 ET on his 5.62 dial while Garcia ran a 6.995 ET on his 6.99 dial to take the win. Skip Tamberino, the 2010 IHRA Division 3 Bike/Sled Bracket Finals Champion from Westernville, N.Y. was the semi-finalist.

In the Street Money class, 15 racers vied for the $200 top prize. In the finals, it was current point’s leader Howie Conklin from Grahamsville, N.Y. against Shanon Fenton from Laceyville, Pa. Fenton had the starting line advantage with a .5390 reaction time. Conklin ran an 8.444 ET on his 8.43 dial while Fenton’s Mustang ran a 7.928 ET on his 7.87 dial to take the win. Joe Patelunas from Elmira, N.Y. was the semi-finalist.

In the Street Trophy class, five racers looked to take home the trophy and the bragging rights for the week. The finals saw current point’s leader Howie Conklin against Gary French from Seneca Falls, N.Y. who is currently second in the points. Conklin had a huge starting line advantage with his .5400 reaction time. French’s Illegal Regal ran dead on his 9.02 dial with a 9.021 but Conklin’s reaction time advantage and his 8.512 ET on his 8.47 dial put him and his Malibu in the winner’s circle once again.

In the Teen Championship Racing class, the finals saw point’s leader Teresa Kurtz from Newark Valley, N.Y. lined up against Brandon Searcy from Loman, N.Y. Searcy, who is currently second in the points, would nail a .5899 reaction time but both racers would break out when crossing the finish line. Kurtz’s Camaro ran a 10.570 on her 10.66 dial. Searcy broke out by less, with his Silverado truck running an 11.380 ET on his 11.40 dial, which gave him the win light.

Next up for Skyview Drags is another Midnight Madness Test & Tune on Friday, Aug. 19 with gates open at 6 p.m. and racing from 7 p.m. to midnight. Then on Saturday, Aug. 20, Skyview will start its program off with the Junior Dragster class. Immediately following completion of the Juniors, Skyview will run a full points program for all other six classes.

In addition, two special races will be offered to the Bike/Sled racers. Skyview Drags and Dote Racing are proud to present the Chad Wilcox Bike Sled Shootout and the Bike & Sled Sweet 16 Pro Tree Shootout.

The Chad Wilcox Bike Sled Shootout pays $2,000 to win and $800 for the runner-up. There are special awards for Best Appearing, Best Winning Reaction Time in the 1st round, Closest to the Dial winning 1st round and Perfect Run. The Sweet 16 Pro Tree Shootout is open to the quickest 16 qualifiers. It pays $500 to win and $200 to the runner-up. There is an additional incentive of $50 to the first .500 reaction time and $50 to the first dead on dial.  Join them on Rumble Ridge for this exciting event!