9 17 11 sp winnerThe crew at Skyview Drags had already put in an 8-hour day with their spectacular Junior Dragster Shootout and now it was time to do some night racing as they ran their regular weekly bracket race off on Saturday, September 17.


In the Super Pro class, 24 racers brought their dragsters, door slammers and altereds to Rumble Ridge to run in the Top ET class and vie for the top prize of $1,100 as dusk settled in. In the end, the finals pitted Don Kiekel from Binghamton, NY against Aaron Hacker from Bainbridge, NY. Kiekel had the slightest of starting line advantages with his .5101 reaction time to Hacker’s .5150 reaction but on the top end, it was Kiekel ripping the motor in his Danny Nelson Racecraft dragster to run a 5.253 ET on his 5.24 dial as Hacker got out of the grove and ran a 5.179 on his 5.14 dial. This was Kiekel’s second consecutive win at Skyview and his third win this season. He is now the current Super Pro point’s leader. Carl Brucher Sr., from Carbondale, PA and Ric Ewin from Webster, NY were semi-finalists.

 9 17 11 pro winnerIn the Pro class, 27 racers towed their modified cars up to the track for their chance at the $900 top prize. The finals saw Joe Carlyle from Waverly, NY against 4-time Pro class track champion Shane Garinger from New Albany, PA. Garinger left first in his slightly slower Dodge Dart. Garinger had the starting line advantage with a .5179 reaction time over Carlyle who had a .5320 reaction time in his Vega. At the top end, Carlyle broke out with a 6.259 ET on his 6.26 dial trying to run Garinger down. Garinger ran a 6.755 on his 6.72 dial to take home a much deserved win. Current Pro class point’s leader Tim Zyla from Sayre, PA was the semi-finalist.

In the Bike/Sled class, 8 racers powered their snowmobiles and motorcycles down the track looking to win the $200 top prize. In the end, it was veteran racer Kenny Dolatowski from Syracuse, NY and his Artic Cat sled that took home the win against Boyd McGarry from Horseheads, NY. Dolatowski had the starting line advantage with his .5461 reaction time against McGarry’s .6038 reaction. Dolatowski ran a 6.427 ET at 98.88 mph on his 6.36 dial to defeat McGarry who ran a 6.467 on his 6.43 dial. This was Dolatowski’s first win at Skyview this racing season. Brent Garcia from Cincinnatus, NY was the semi-finalist.

 In the Street Money class, 19 racers brought their street licensed cars to the track in the hopes of winning the $200 top prize. The finals saw current Street point’s leader Howie Conklin from Grahamsville, NY lined up against Ken Bacon from Elmira, NY. Bacon left first with his slightly slower Camero. Conklin had a slight reaction time advantage off the starting line. At the top end, Bacon broke out when he ran an 8.639 on his 8.66 dial, giving the win to Conklin who ran an 8.415 ET on his 8.37 dial. Charlie Fulmer was the semi-finalist.

In the Teen Championship Racing (TCR) class, Teresa Kurtz from Newark Valley, NY notched another win to expand her point’s lead over Brandon Searcy from Waverly, NY. The race was over on the starting line when Searcy fouled by leaving too soon.

 Racers for Team Skyview will be at the Division 3 North Stars Bracket Finals this week so the track is closed for racing this weekend. Skyview Drags will have Friday night Test & Tunes on a weather permitting basis going forward. The next scheduled race is Saturday, October 1.