Skyview bests Mother Nature to get 5th race of the season in!


kimberly klienSaturday June 9th competition started off with a little rain delay, but thanks to the Skyview Staff all classes were run with winners at the end of the day. 

In the Junior Dragster class, sponsored by Precision Crankworks of Kirkwood NY, Kimberly Klein of Livingston Manor NY brought home the trophy for the second week in a row. Klein dialed 8.08 took on Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa dialed 7.96. Klein had the advantage off the line with a .537 reaction time running a 8.128 ET to Teed’s .634 reaction, running a 7.986 ET on her dial. In the Quarter Finals Randi Teed defeated point’s leader Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY. Teed dialed 7.96 went 8.023 ET with a .575 reaction. Hacker dialed a 8.88, broke out running a 8.870 ET with a .670 reaction time. Rookie Tyler VanOstrand red lit to Morgan Burgess, moving Burgess into the semi finals. Kimberly Klein dialed 8.10 ran Cody Reome of Blodget Mills NY, dialed in at 8.31. Reome broke out running a 8.297 ET, to Klein’s dead on 8.107 ET. In the Semi Finals, Teed went into the final against Burgess. Teed dialed 7.96 went .546 on the tree and ran 8.039 ET. Burgess broke out running a 8.039 ET on a 8.28 dial. Klein had the bye run into the final round. Congratulations Kimberly on your 2nd win of the season! In addition to the regular $200 savings bond and trophy, Klein picked up another $100 gift card courtesy of Precision Crankworks.

In the Pro class, 43 racers were entered into eliminations.  In a repeat of the last race of the 2011 season, Ray Thurston III of Towanda PA took home the Pro class win against Sandy Hacker of Bainbridge NY.  Hacker dialed a 6.81 ran right on with a 6.813 ET, but red lit giving Thurston, dialed 6.93 and running a 6.944 ET, the win. In the Semi Final round, Larry Ward of Trumansburg NY dialed in at 6.74 lined up against Thurston dialed at 6.94.  Thurston ran a 6.956 ET on his dial defeating Ward who broke out running a 6.518 ET. Zane Furman of Camptown PA dialed 6.97 lined up against Hacker dialed 6.83.  Both drivers left the line green, Hacker .529 on the tree to Furman’s .549, both breaking out with Furman running a 6.962 ET to Hacker’s 6.826 ET, put Hacker into the Final round. Congratulations Ray on your win! 

In the Bike/Sled class, 3 snowmobiles entered into eliminations, with Robert Withers taking his sled to the winner’s circle.  Withers saw Steve Porter in the final.  Withers took the win dialed at 8.88, going .634 on the tree and running a 8.922 ET to Porter’s 8.12 dial, .600 tree and 8.314 ET. Congratulations Rob on your win! 

Kenneth Bacon of Elmira NY won Street Money in Saturday’s eliminations.  Bacon dialed 8.70 lined up against Ken Roberts of Ulster PA, dialed 9.58.  Bacon left with the better reaction time of .637 to Roberts .656.  Bacon ran 8.723 ET to Roberts 9.593 ET.  Congratulations Ken Bacon on another season win! 

In Street Trophy, Tim Wright of Apalachin NY drove his beautiful GTO to the winner circle against Mike Dunkle’s nitrous powered Lincoln. Wright dialed 8.23 had a better reaction time of .535 and ran a 8.279 ET. Dunkle dialed 11.16, went .560 on the tree and ran 11.199 ET on his dial.  Congratulations Tim! 

In Super Pro, Jack Reome of Blodgett Mills NY drove his Racetech dragster to his 1st final win of the season against Steve Morton of Cortland NY.  Reome dialed 4.81 went dead on with a 4.814 ET, to Morton’s 5.981 break out on a 6.00 dial.  In the semi finals Reome lined up against Jim Potenziano Jr. of Binghamton NY.  Reome dialed 4.81, went 4.814 ET to Potenziano’s 5.75 dial, going 5.755 ET, both ran their dial, but Reome had the advantage off the line with a .534 reaction time to Potenziano’s .541 reaction time.  Steven Morton dialed 5.99, .505 on the tree running a 6.022 ET, went into the final against Billy Ryan from Ontario NY who dialed in at 5.27, .525 on the tree and running a 5.289 ET.  Congratulations Jack on your 1st win of the season!