June 29-30 Northern Summer Nationals

Skyview Drags Concludes the Northern Summer Nationals 2-day Event! 

randi teed nsn winFriday June 29 - The day started with the Junior Dragster class, sponsored by Precision Crankworks of Kirwood NY. Well-known Junior driver, Randi Teed of Friendsville PA, took home another trophy this season in the final round. Teed faced Cody Reome of Blodgett Mills NY, two of the quickest juniors
in the class. Teed dialed 8.03 ran an 8.069 ET to Cody’s 8.43 dial, running a 8.475 ET. Teed was quicker on the line turning the win light on for the day. Semi-finals lined Cody Reome against Haley Teed and Randi Teed against Leo Kipp.
In the Pro class, Steve Doss was the winner over Bryan Moore. Doss dialed 6.51 went .565 on the tree to Moore’s 6.82 dial, .560 reaction, both driver’s broke out, but Doss turned the win light on going 6.490 ET to Moore’s 6.789 ET. Steve Doss lined up against Brad Perkins of Leicester NY, while Bryan Moore took on Shane Garinger of New Albany NY in the semi finals.
steve doss nsn win2In Bike/ & Sled, Brent Garcia of Cincunnatus NY defeated Rob Withers in the final round. Withers left the line first with a .635 reaction, dialed at 8.91, going a 8.980 ET. Garcia made chase, going .544 on the tree, and ran a 7.102 ET on a 7.06 dial to take the stripe. In the semi finals, Withers defeated Lynn Majors of Tioga Center NY and Garcia defeated Rick Woodruff of Horseheads NY.
Super Pro had a showing of 25 cars in competition, with many familiar faces and some new. Matt Spisak of Herkimer, NY was the Super Pro winner over Billy Ryan. Spisak went a 7.105 ET on his 7.09 dial, turning the win light on to Ryan’s 5.348 break out on a 5.36 dial. In the semi finals, Ryan beat Franc Francis of Seneca Falls NY and Spisak had the bye run into the final round.
Matt Dunkle of Millerton PA was the winner in TCR over KC French. In Street Money, Ken Bacon of Elmira NY went to the winner’s circle against Mike Dunkle of Millerton PA. Bacon dialed 8.76 had a better reaction time over Dunkle with a .556 and ran a 8.933 ET. Dunkle dialed a 10.23 was unable to run the number going a 10.452 ET with a .632 reaction. Dunkle defeated Russell Story in the semi final’s, Bacon had the bye run into the final round.
Tim Wright of Apalachin NY was the winner in Street Trophy over Howie Conklin of Grahamsville NY.
jeff gallick neoc winSaturday, June 30 - In the Pro Class, the final round lined Bryan Moore and Steve Doss against each other once again. This time Moore turned the win light on over Friday’s Pro Winner. Moore dialed a 6.80 had a better reaction off the line going .524 on the tree and ran a 6.827 ET. Doss dialed a 6.47, made chase with a .530 reaction time and ran a 6.515 ET on his dial.  Semi final round lined Bryan Moore against Anthony Zancari of Clay NY. Steve Doss had the bye into the final.
Ken Bacon repeated his Friday win in Street Money on Saturday over Ray Thurston Jr of Towanda PA. And in Street Trophy, Tim Wright repeated his Friday win against Ken Bacon. In TCR, KC French took the win over Friday’s winner Matt Dunkle of Millerton PA.
In Super Pro, Richie Forbes of Esperance NY defeated Tom Frank in the final round. Frank had the advantage off the line against Forbes with a .505 reaction time, to Forbes .531. Forbes took chase dialed at 4.75 to Frank’s 6.45. Forbes took the stripe with a 4.758, running on his dial to Frank’s 6.488 ET. In the semi finals Tom Frank moved on against Scott Drake, Forbes had the bye run to the final.
Brent Garcia of Cincunnatus NY saw his way back into thfinal round in Bike & Sled on Saturday, but took the runner-up spot to Ken Dolatowski of Camillus NY. Dolatowski, on a sled, dialed a 6.49 to Garcia’s Buell, dialed 7.02. Garcia left the line first with a .634 reaction, but broke out running a 7.010 ET. Dolatowski left the line with an almost perfect .505 reaction time and ran a 6.539 ET.

The Junior Dragster class had a showing of new faces and cars on Saturday with Camrie Caruso taking home the trophy over Ava Lowler. Caruso dialed a 7.98 went .574 on the tree running a 8.050 ET. Lowler dialed a 8.02 went .668 on the tree and ran a 8.046 ET. In the semi finals Caruso defeated Randi Teed of Friendsville PA and Lowler defeated Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY.

The Northeast Open Comp made their way to the track on Saturday with Jeff Gallick of Athens PA going to the winner’s circle against Andrew Erecitano. Gallick dialed a 6.30 went .560 on the tree running a 6.364 ET.  Erecitano dialed a 10.18 went .586 on the tree running a 10.260 ET. In the semi finals, Erecitano defeated Jeff Coleman and Gallick had the bye into the final round.