July 7 - Summit 660 E.T. Series

July 2 Gallick Victory Lane

Skyview Gets in Race Before the Mid-Season Points Championship

July 7 - Once again the Skyview track officials and staff worked together to beat Mother Nature and get Saturday, July 7th 660 ET Points race under way and completed. As the “green blob” showed up on the radar and made it’s way through the area, the officials got the track dried off and the regular show underway.
The Junior Dragster class, sponsored by Precision Crankworks of Kirkwood NY, had a showing of 8 dragsters competing for the savings bond and trophy. Current points leader, Randi Teed of Friendsville PA, backed up last week’s win by turning on her win light against Hayden Houghtalen. Teed dialed 7.94 went .517 on the tree giving chase to Houghtalen, in his first finals, who dialed 10.40, with a .586 reaction. Houghtalen broke out running a 10.312 ET, turning the win light on for Teed who ran an 8.036 ET on her dial. In the Semifinals Houghtalen defeated Morgan Burgess of Canton PA. Teed earned the bye run into the final after defeating Hannah Garringer of New Albany, PA in the 2nd round. In Super Pro, points leader John Cooper of Binghamton NY defeated Randy Teed of Friendsville PA. Teed left the line with a .501 reaction, dialed a 6.14. Cooper left the line with a .513 reaction, dialed 4.93. Cooper was able to make up the difference at the finishing line running a 4.935 pass to Teed’s 6.158 ET. In the Semifinals, Teed dialed a 6.14 ran CJ Drake who dialed a 4.68. Teed with the starting line advantage went .505 to CJ’s .510 and ran his dial with a 6.143 ET to CJ’s 4.704 ET. Cooper dialed in at 4.92 ran Carl Drake Sr. who dialed a 5.80. Cooper had the advantage off the line running a 4.977 ET to Drake’s 5.798 ET break out.
In the Pro class, last week’s 2-day race winner and runner-up Brian Moore of Ontario, NY defeated Mike Scribani of Delhi, NY in the final round. Moore dialed a 6.82 and went .585 on the tree to Scribani’s .606 reaction, dialed 6.51. Both drivers broke out, Moore going 6.808 ET and Scribani 6.495 ET, but ultimately turning the win light on for Moore. In the Semifinals, Moore advanced against Charlie Fulmer. Moore dialed 6.85 went .541 on the tree running a 6.872 ET to Fulmer’s 8.41 dial, .574 on the tree and 8.461 ET. Scribani had the bye run into the final round after advancing against Joe Rodriguez in the Quarter Final round.
Lynn Major of Tioga Center, NY won in the Bike/Sled class, defeating Boyd McGarry of Horseheads, NY in the final round. McGarry left the line first dialed 6.28 going .638 on the tree. Major gave chased dialed at 5.39, had the advantage off the line with a .558 tree. Major ran a 5.412 on his dial to McGarry’s 6.286 ET.
In the Street Money and Street Trophy classes, Tim Wright of Apalachin, NY was once again the dominant racer taking home the win in both classes.
In the midst of the regular classes, Girlz Gone Racing made an appearance at the track with 11 eager ladies ready to take the stripe. Sue Gallick of Athens, PA along with her impressive Pit Crew conquered the day in her SLOW1 machine against Glenna Erecitano of Vestal NY.
By: Crystal Curpier