Racers compete for the IHRA Ironman in double points competition!

Morgan BurgessThe Double Points Ironman Classic presented by DRM, added excitement to competition on Saturday August 25th, 2012 with racers not only competing for double points towards the regular 660 points chase, but also the chance to bring home an IHRA Ironman. 
Morgan Burgess of Canton PA took home the Ironman in the Precision Crankworks sponsored Junior Dragster class.  Burgess defeated Paige Montgomery of Alden NY.  Morgan dialed 7.92 went .636 on the tree running a 7.973 ET taking the stripe against Montgomery who went .617 on the tree running 8.144 ET on a 8.01 dial.  In the semi final round, Burgess defeated Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY. Houghtalen dialed 10.08 went .470 red on the tree putting Burgess into the final round. Montgomery defeated Anthony Ardillo Jr. of Rochester NY. Ardillo had a slight advantage at the line with a .559 reaction time running a 7.993 ET on a 7.90 dial. Montgomery dialed 7.96 went .569 and turned the win light on running a 8.033 ET.
2010 Super Pro Track Champion Richie Forbes of Esperance NY scored the Ironman of his racing career and the win in Super Pro against Bob Hacker of Bainbridge NY. Forbes dialed 4.64 went .509 on the tree running dead on his dial with a 4.640 ET. Hacker went .489 red to Forbes, running a 4.867 ET on his 4.86 dial. In the semi final round Forbes defeated John Cooper of Binghamton NY. Cooper dialed 4.84 had a slight advantage with a .514 reaction, running a 4.861 ET. Forbes went 5.19 on the tree running a 4.648 ET on a 4.64 dial. Hacker defeated Alan Brucher of Forest City PA in a close race right to the finish. Brucher went .508 on the tree to Hacker's .504 reaction time. Brucher ran a 5.495 ET on his 5.49 dial, Hacker turned on the win light running a 4.862 ET on a 4.86 dial. 
In the Pro class, Ray Thurston III of Towanda PA scored his first Ironman in a long racing career by defeating 4-time Pro Track Champion Shane Garinger of New Albany PA. Both Thurston and Garinger left the line with identical .518 reaction times. Thurston took the stripe in the end running a 6.875 ET on a 6.86 dial to Garinger's 6.608 ET on a 6.58 dial. Thurston defeated Chuck Morris from Windsor Locks CT in the semi final round. Thurston dialed 6.88 went .533 on the tree, broke out running a 6.872 ET, but Morris broke out by more running a 6.828 ET on a 6.86 dial, .551 on the tree. Garinger earned the bye run to the final after defeating David Thompson in the quarter finals.
Lynn Major of Tioga Center NY powered his way to his fourth final in Bike/Sled class, but in the end the Ironman went to Ken Dolatowski of Camillus NY when he scored the win and earned his first ever Ironman trophy. Dolatowski dialed 6.29 went .574 on the tree running his number with a 6.292 ET. Major dialed 5.37 went .555 on tree running a 5.405 ET. In the semi final round, Dolatowski defeated Rob Withers of Blodgett Mills NY. Withers dialed 8.80, broke out running a 8.781 ET, .547 reaction time. Dolatowski went .535 on the tree running a 6.308 ET on a 6.29 dial. Major defeated Jamie Hitchcock of Horseheads NY.  Hitchcock red lit to Major with a .489 reaction time running a 6.451 ET on a 6.43 dial. Major dialed 5.36 went a 5.398 ET, .525 reaction time.
Justin Hardman from Syracuse NY was the Ironman winner in Street Money after defeating Ken Roberts of Ulster PA in the final. Hardman dialed 7.80 had the better reaction time with a .559 running a 7.901 ET.  Roberts broke out running a 9.403 ET on a 9.45 dial, .629 reaction time. Hardman defeated Howie Conklin of Grahamsville NY in the semi final round and Roberts advanced to the final against Mike Ryck.
In Street Trophy, Tim Wright of Apalachin NY earned the win over Howie Conklin of Grahamsville NY. Wright dialed 8.05 went .592 on the tree running a 8.130 ET. Conklin dialed 8.29 went .667 on tree running a 8.353 ET. In the semi final round, Wright defeated Manley Houghtalen of Sayre PA and Conklin defeated Ken Bacon of Elmira NY. 
Alan Brucher Jr of Forest City PA took home the TCR win against Matt Dunkle of Millerton NY.  Brucher dialed 11.67, went .610 on the tree running a 11.821 ET.  Dunkle dialed 11.22 had a .830 reaction time running a 11.282 ET.
Northeast Open Comp ran in Saturday's classes with Aaron Brown of Odessa NY taking home the win against George Coleman of Barton NY.  Brown dialed 7.87 had the better reaction time with a .548, running a 7.961 ET. Coleman dialed 6.98 went .767 on tree running a 7.096 ET.  In the semi final round, Brown defeated Shannon Fenton of Laceyville PA.  Brown dialed 7.87, ran closer to the number with a 7.961 ET, .547 reaction time to Fenton's .665 reaction, 7.673 ET on a 7.56 dial. Coleman had the bye run into the final round after defeating Gary Pascucci of Endicott NY in the quarter final round. With Brown's win, Jeff Gallick of Athens PA scored his first Northeast Open Comp championship for the 2012 season.
Congratulations to all of saturday's class winners!
By: Crystal Curpier