Racers compete for their final spots at the 2012 IHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals!

The cutoff for points towards the 2012 Bracket Finals was Saturday September 1, 2012, leaving racers with a tough day a head of them. 
juniorsRegular points competition started off with brother and sister battling it out in the final round of the Precision Crankworks sponsored Junior Dragster class. Ron Klein Jr. of Livingston Manor NY defeated his sister Kimberly Klein, in a very close junior final.  Klein Jr. dialed 8.04 went 5.18 on the tree running right on his dial with a 8.042 ET. Kimberly Klein dialed 8.01, went .521 on the tree running a 8.025 ET. In the semi final round, Ron Klein Jr. took on Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY. Hacker dialed 8.93 went .685 on the tree running a 8.985 ET on her dial. Klein Jr. turned on the win light with a .608 reaction time, running a 8.103 ET on his 8.03 dial. Kimberly Klein moved into the final round against Ava Lawler from Rochester NY. Lawler dialed 7.98 went .425 red, running a 7.967 ET. Klein dialed 8.01, went .566 on the tree running her dial with a 8.017 ET.
Kathy.KiekelIn Super Pro, Kathy Kiekel of Binghamton NY took home her first win of the 2012 season against Steve Morton of Cortland NY. Kiekel dialed 6.00 went .514 on the tree running dead on with a 6.005 ET. Morton with a .544 reaction time, broke out running a 5.938 ET on his 5.94 dial. In the semi-final round, Morton lined up against Aaron Hacker of Bainbridge NY after a coin toss favored Hacker and put Morton into the left lane for the first time that day. Hacker had the advantage at the line with a .519 reaction, but broke out running a 5.250 ET on a 5.26 dial. Morton dialed 5.94, went .528 on the tree, running right on his dial with a 5.948 ET. Kiekel earned her spot into the final round with a bye run after defeating last week's Super Pro winner Richie Forbes of Esperance NY in the quarter-final round.
Paul Scribani of Delhi NY earned his first win of the race season in the Pro class after defeating Jeff Gallick of Athens PA in the final round. Scribani dialed 6.49, had the advantage at the line going .533 on the tree, and ran the number with a 6.497 ET. Gallick gave chase with .618 reaction time, running a 6.337 ET on his 6.30 dial. In the semi-finals, Scribani defeated last week's winner, Ray Thurston III of Towanda PA. Thurston dialed 6.86, left first with a .549 reaction time running his dial with a 6.866 ET. But Scribani turned the win light on with a .514 reaction time running a 6.510 ET on a 6.49 dial. Gallick moved into the final against Tony Zangari from Clay, NY. Zangari dialed 6.49 went .458 red, running a 6.528 ET. Gallick dialed 6.29 went .557 on the tree running a 6.320 ET on his dial.
In the Bike/Sled class, Brent Garcia of Cincinnatus NY scored the win in competition against Randy Teed of Friendsville PA. Teed, with the better reaction time, went .554 on the tree running a 5.968 ET on his 5.85 dial. Garcia dialed 6.81 took the stripe going .563 on the tree, and running a 6.813 ET on his dial. In the semi finals, Garcia defeated Rob Withers of Blodgett Mills NY.  Wither's dialed 8.78 went .621 on the tree running his number with a 8.788 ET. Garcia dialed 6.82 had the better reaction time with a .568 light and running a 6.821 ET. Teed moved into the final round against Tom Clark. Clark dialed 6.60 went .473 red to Teed running a 6.605 ET. Teed dialed 5.88 went .632 on the tree running a 5.846 ET. 
tim.wrightTim Wright of Apalachin NY conquered both Street Money and Street Trophy taking home the win in both classes against Howie Conklin of Grahamsville NY. In the Street Money class, Wright dialed 8.03 went .578 on the tree running a 8.063 ET. Conklin with a .604 reaction time, broke out running a 8.328 ET on his 8.34 dial. 
In TCR, Teresa Kurtz of Newark Valley NY earned her way to the winner's circle in saturdays competition.
Congratulations  to Kathy Kiekel, Paul Scribani, Brent Garcia, Tim Wright, Ron Klein Jr and Teresa Kurtz on your class wins!
By: Crystal Curpier