Himes goes to Victory Lane for the 3rd week in a row!

Matt Himes 2Matt Himes of Ontario NY continued his winning streak in Pro competition on Saturday October 13, 2012 with another swing into Victory Lane. Himes took on Tony Zangari of Clay NY. Himes dialed 6.67 left the line first going .504 on the tree running right on the dial with a 6.676 ET. Zangari dialed 6.44 went .529 on the tree running a 6.467 ET on his dial. In the Semi Final round, Himes lined up against Blake Furman of Camptown PA. Furman dialed 6.87 went .573 on tree, running right on with a 6.870 ET. But Himes dialed 6.67 had the better reaction, going .528 on the tree, and taking the win with a 6.685 ET. Zangari moved into the final round against Julia Gallick of Athens PA. Gallick dialed 8.26 went red turning the win light on for Zangari dialed a 6.44.

Billy Ryan winIn Super Pro competition Billy Ryan of Ontario NY took home the win against last week’s winner Gene Stankivitz. Ryan dialed 6.27 left the line with a .566 reaction time, but let off before the finishing line running a 6.504 ET due to issues with Stankivitz at the starting line.  The Semi Final round lined Stankivitz against Erik Larsen of Cortland NY. Larsen dialed 5.80 had a red light start, giving the win to Stankivitz who went .507 on the tree and ran a 5.013 ET on his 4.98 dial. Ryan had the bye run into the final round.

Russel hacker photoAbby Hacker of Bainbridge NY went to the winner’s circle in Saturday’s Precision Crankworks sponsored Junior Competition against rookie driver Hunter Russell of Owego NY. Hacker dialed 8.81 had the advantage against Russell at the line with a .536 reaction time, running a 8.878 ET on her dial. Russell gave chase dialed in at a 8.64, went .606 on the tree and ran a 8.674 ET on his dial.

Manley Win2Manley Houghtalen of Sayre PA scored a win in Street Money competition on Saturday against Ken Roberts of Ulster PA. Houghtalen dialed 10.93 went .536 on the tree running a 10.974 on his dial. Roberts left the line with a close .540 reaction time, running a 8.732 ET on his 8.47 dial. Saturday’s Street Money semi finalist was Roger Siedel of Conklin NY.

tim wrightIn Street Trophy, Tim Wright of Apalachin NY defeated Dennis Achilles in the final round of competition. Wright dialed 7.82 had the better reaction with a .650 light running a 8.132 ET on his dial. Achilles dialed 8.42 went .802 on the tree running a 8.707 ET. Ed Arnold was the day’s semi finalist.

tom clark winFinal round of Bike/Sled competition lined Tom Clark against Jim Collins, with Tom Clark taking home the win. Clark dialed 6.89 left the line first with a .538 reaction time. The win light turned on for Clark after a .485 red light start from Collins who ran a 5.218 ET on his 5.22 dial. Clark went 6.828 ET on
his dial.

By: Crystal Curpier