Drake Takes Home 2 Super Pro Wins in Saturday’s Competition!

CJ Drake Double WinJune 22, 2013 -CJ Drake of Binghamton NY was on a mission in Saturday’s Super Pro Class scoring the win in both the regular point’s elimination and the June 8th make up race.  In the scheduled point’s race, CJ defeated Jim Potenziano of Johnson City NY.  Potenziano had the better .518 reaction time, running 6.287 ET on his 6.26 dial.  Drake, in his super charged dragster gave chase with a .526 reaction time, running 4.526 ET on his 4.51 dial, taking the win.  Drake went onto the final round with a bye run in the Semi’s earned from his Quarter Final win against John Cooper of Binghamton NY.  Potenziano eliminated Tim Roberts of Rome NY in the Semi finals.  Potenziano dialed 6.26, went 6.284 ET, scoring the win with a .510 better reaction over Roberts .554 reaction time, dead on 5.031 ET on a 5.03 dial.


In the June 8th Super Pro make up race, 2 door slammers and 1 dragster competed for the trophy with the sol dragster, CJ Drake taking the win against Erik Larsen of Willet NY.  Larsen, went .507 on the tree, but broke out running 5.684 ET on his 5.69 dial.  CJ, dialed 4.51 went .515 on the tree running 4.527ET.  Larsen advanced to the final round with a bye run in the Semi’s.  The Semi final lined father against son, door slammer against dragster with CJ Drake going to the final over Carl Drake Sr.  Drake with a .510 reaction ran 6.219 ET on his 5.93 dial.  CJ, .557 on the tree went 4.591 ET on a 4.50 dial. 

The Gallick Family was in full celebration on Saturday with Jeff Gallick of Athens PA bringing home the Pro Class win in his beautiful 1951 Henry J.  Justin Hardman of Syracuse NY was the Pro Class runner-up.  Hardman left the line first going .523 on the tree, running 6.678 ET on his 6.63 dial.  Gallick, a regular point’s competitor at Skyview, dialed 6.35 went .513 on the tree running a 6.362 ET.  Hardman advanced to the final after a double breakout win against Matt Himes of Ontario NY in the Semi Finals.  Himes dialed 6.75, went 6.746 ET, .525 on the tree.  Hardman dialed 6.64, went 6.639 ET, .541 reaction time.  Gallick advanced to the final against Paul Scribani of Delhi NY.  Congratulations to the Gallick family!

Back at it again in the Junior class were sisters Randi Teed and Haley Teed of Friendsville PA competing for the week’s bragging rights.  Older sister Haley took the win over her sister Randi in Saturday’s final round elimination.  Haley went .580 on the tree running 7.943 ET on her 7.93 dial.  Randi, went .596 on the tree running the number 7.958 ET on her 7.95 dial, but Haley’s better reaction turned the win light on.  Haley defeated Camie Caruso in the Semi final round.  Caruso went .489 red, running 7.877 ET on her 7.90 dial.  Haley dialed 7.97, went .573 on the tree, running 7.952 ET.  Randi went onto the final round after a win in the Quarter Final against Morgan Burgess of Canton PA.  Congratulations Haley!

Matt Dunkle of Millerton PA was Saturday’s TCR winner.

In Bike/Sled eliminator, Steve Porter of Spencer NY took home the class win over Brian Moulton.  Porter dialed 6.73, went .531 on the tree running the dial, 6.733 ET.  Moulton broke out running 6.471 ET on a 6.50 dial, .573 reaction time.  In the Semi Finals, Porter went on to the final after his win against last week’s runner–up, Brent Garcia of Cincinnatus NY.  Garcia dialed 6.86, broke out running 6.848 ET, .567 reaction time.  Porter went .597 on the tree, running 6.732 ET on his 6.73 dial.  Moulton moved into the final against Matt Guinan after a .454 red light start by Guinan.  Moulton, dialed 6.50 went .583 on the tree running 6.542 ET.  

The Street Trophy win went to Ken Bacon of Elmira NY after his win against runner-up Mike Dunkle of Millerton Pa.  Bacon dialed 8.64, went .622 on the tree running 8.695 ET.  Dunkle went .706 on the tree running 9.692 ET on his 9.62 dial.  Bacon advanced to the final after defeating Shawn Wood in the Semi Final round.  Wood went .477 red, running 7.955 ET on his 8.00 dial.  Bacon dialed 8.64, went .529 on the tree, running 8.684 ET.  Dunkle went on to the final with a bye run.  Ed Arnold, Howie Conklin and Tim Wright were the Street Trophy Quarter finalists.

Tim Wright of Apalachin NY dominated the Street Money class in Saturday competition, taking home the win over Mike Ink of Barton NY.  Ink dialed 8.48, left the line first, going .593 on the tree running 8.528 ET.  Wright dialed 8.03, had the better .518 reaction time, running a 8.119 ET, turning on the win light. 

The Northern Summer Nationals 2 day race is scheduled for this weekend Friday June 28th and Saturday June 29th.  There will be no Junior Class on Friday.

Friday June 28th

Gates Open at 9:30

Time Trials at 11:00 with eliminations to follow

Open Test & Tune will begin at 6:00 Friday night

Regular race schedule Saturday June 29th

By: Crystal Curpier