Curpier Wins Second Double Points Event of the 2013 Season!

Pete Curpier of Oneonta NY kept the winning streak going this weekend with his 3rd straight final round appearance in Super Pro on August 10th 2013 competition.  Curpier took home his second double points win over Richie Forbes of Esperance NY.  Curpier dialed 4.94 went .533 on the tree running a 4.959 on his dial.  Richie dialed a quick 4.43 in his super charged dragster, had a better .520 reaction time, but ran a 4.473 on his dial.  In the Semi Final round, Curpier went on to the final round with a bye run.  Forbes ran teammate, Russ Denmark of Ovid NY.  Denmark dialed 4.70 went .543 on the tree running a 4.727 ET.  Forbes gave chase dialed 4.44, going .512 on the tree, running a 4.483 on his dial. 



1st –Pete Curpier 45

2nd –Richie Forbes 37

3rd –Matt Forbes 35

4th –CJ Drake 34

5th –Rich Simon Sr 30

Shane Garinger of New Albany NY stepped it up this weekend with his second Pro win of the season over current point’s leader, Jeff Gallick of Athens Pa. Garinger dialed 6.83, had the advantage at the line with a .503 reaction time, running a 6.852 ET on his dial.  Gallick, dialed 6.38, broke out running a 6.359 ET on his dial, .516 reaction time.  In the Semi Final round, Garinger lined up against Terry Coleman of Waverly NY.  Coleman dialed 7.59 went .600 on tree, but broke out running 7.506 ET on his dial.  Garinger dialed 6.81 went .555, running 6.868 ET on his dial.  Gallick defeated last weeks Pro Winner, Ray Thurston of Towanda Pa in the semi final round.  Gallick dialed 6.38 went .554 on the tree, running dead on with a 6.382 ET.  Thurston broke out running 6.829 ET on his 6.84 dial, .546 reaction time.


1ST –Jeff Gallick 39

2nd –Shane Garinger 37

3rd –Mike Scribani 31

     –Joe Carlyle 31

5th –Paul Scribani 29

In the Junior Dragster class, Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY earned her first competition win against Hannah Garinger of New   Albany NY.  Denmark dialed 9.34 went .822 on the tree running 9.390 on her dial.  Garinger dialed 13.24 went .610 on the tree, running a 13.543 ET.  Semi Finals lined Demark against Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa.  Teed dialed 8.02 went .717 on the tree running 8.046 ET on her dial.  Denmark had the better .621 reaction time, running a 9.345 ET on her 9.32 dial.  Garinger earned her way to her first final round appearance with a bye run in the semi’s.  Congratulations Hunter and Hannah!


1st –Morgan Burgess 42

2nd –Randi Teed 41

3rd –Haley Teed 30

4th –Hunter Russell 26

5th –Abby Hacker 23

In the Bike/Sled class, Ken Dolatowski of Camillus NY took home the win in an all sled final against Boyd McGarry of Horseheads NY.  Dolatowski dialed 6.53 went .525 on the tree running 6.498 ET.  McGarry dialed 5.45, had a .320 red light start, automatically turning the win light on for Dolatowski.  In the Semi Final round Dolatowski defeated J Betts.  Dolatowski left first dialed 6.52 with the better .526 reaction time running 6.576 ET.  Betts dialed 5.89 went .642 on the tree running 5.920 ET.  McGarry went on to the final round with a bye run in the semis.


1st –Brent Garcia 35

2nd –Boyd McGarry 26

3rd –Rob Withers 22

4th –Lynn Major 21

5th –Tom Clark 9

In Street Money, Matthew Bunal defeated Shawn Wood in the Final round.  Bunal dialed 8.10 went .596 on the tree running 8.135 ET.  Wood dialed 7.90 went .526 on the tree running a 8.082 ET.  Bunal earned his way to the final round with a bye run in the Semis.

 Wood defeated Crystal Curpier of Oneonta NY.  Curpier dialed 10.00 went .521 on the tree running a 11.183 ET on her dial.  Wood gave chase dialed 7.95, .523 reaction time, running a 7.996 ET.


1st –Tim Wright 33

     –Ken Bacon 33

3rd –Mike Ink 27

4th –Dennis Achilles 25

5th –John Hummel 23

Ken Bacon of Elmira NY went to Victory   Lane in the Street Trophy win after defeating Mike Ryck of Waverly NY in the final round.  Bacon dialed 8.63 went .529 on the tree running a 8.658 ET.  Ryck, in his first Street Trophy final, dialed 7.80 went .719 on the tree running a 7.805 ET.  Ryck moved into the final round after a bye run earned in the Semi Final round.  Bacon defeated Tim Wright of Apalachin NY.  Wright dialed 7.91 went .497 red to Bacon, running a 7.856 ET.  Bacon dialed 8.60 went .555 on the tree running a 8.631 ET.


1st –Tim Wright 41

     -Ken Bacon 41

3rd –Mike Dunkle 27

4th –Howie Conklin 21

5th –Shawn Wood 20

Congratulations to all the class winners and runner-ups!

By: Crystal Curpier