Well folks, this is a tough call to make. It's a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. But here's the decision:

1. We will not race today because the weather is calling for 60% chance of rain this afternoon and we don't want to have another make-up race on our hands for this weekend.

2. We are still planning to run a Test & Tune tonight. Will know more as the day progresses and we can see what the weather brings. Cancelled because of rain.

3. Saturday, 10/05 -- Gates open at 8:30 AM and Time Trials start at 10 AM (no Junior Dragster class) for all classes. We will run the make-up race FIRST. Then the Halloween Classic Race #1 immediately following. There will be Time Trials for the Halloween Classic race. Massive rain caused us to postpone finishing the makeup race until Sunday.

4. Sunday, 10/06 -- Gates open at 9:30 AM and Time Trials start at 11 AM (no Junior Dragster class) for all classes. This will be Halloween Classic Race #2.

We want to get all of our races in and weather-wise, this schedule change appears to be our best chance of getting it done. We hope everyone understands. Thank you!