Skyview Drags Kicks off their 2014 10th Anniversary Season!

Saturday May 24 - 2014 started the season off with a full day of regular 660 points racing completed. The Junior class started the days competition with the win going to Chandler McGarry of Horseheads NY.  McGarry defeated the Dote Racing sponsored Junior Dragster of Ron Klein Jr.  Klein went .471 red, running a 7.839 ET on his 7.90 dial. McGarry dialed 8.90, went .628 on the tree, running a 8.872 ET.  In the Semi Finals, McGarry moved into the final after taking the stripe over Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly, NY.  Houghtalen dialed 7.97, went .703 on the tree, 8.177 ET.  McGarry dialed 8.90, went .553 on the tree, 8.947 ET.  Klein defeated Abby Hacker of Bainbridge, NY in a heads up 7.90 race.  Klein went .556 on the tree running a 7.970 ET to Hacker’s .637 reaction, 7.957 ET.  

Super Pro final elimination round came down to door car versus dragster, with the Miller Dragster driven by Cody Reome of Blodgett Mills, NY taking home the win over the Monte Carlos SS driven by Tim Roberts of Syracuse, NY.  Roberts had the starting line advantage with a .510 reaction time to Reome’s .534 reaction time.  Roberts broke out running a 5.587 ET on his 5.61 dial.  Reome dialed 4.92, ran dead on with a 4.926 ET.  In the Semi Final round, Roberts moved into the final round after a .492 red light start by Don Kiekel of Binghamton, NY.  Roberts dialed 5.59, left green with a .512 reaction time, running a 5.616 ET. Reome had the bye run into the final.

The Pro class win went to the Chevy powered Camaro driven by Anthony Zangari of Clay, NY after turning the win light on against the Purple Haze Monte Carlo driven by Todd Lipke of North Chittenango, NY.  In a double break-out final round, Zangari, dialed 6.44, went .547 on the tree running a 6.429 ET.  Lipke dialed 6.32 dial, went a 6.299 ET, .554 reaction time.  In the Semi Final round, Lipke defeated Paul Scribani of Delhi, NY in a close race to the finish.  Lipke dialed 6.32, went .520 on the tree, running a 6.330 ET.  Scribani gave chase dialed 6.05, going .521 on the tree, running a 6.067 ET.  Zangari went on to the final with a bye run earned from his Quarter Final win.

The Bike/Sled final lined bike against sled, with the bike taking home the win.  Matt Luke of Cicero, NY turned the win light on after a red light start by Boyd McGarry of Horseheads, NY.  Luke dialed 5.74, went .509 on the tree, running a 5.737 ET.  McGarry dialed 5.72, went .447 red, 5.847 ET.  Luke moved onto the final round after defeating yet another sled driven by Jordan Betts of Marathon, NY in the Semi Finals.  Luke dialed 5.77, went .603 on the tree after a red light start by Betts, running a 5.699 on his dial.  Betts, dialed 6.30 went a 6.486 ET.  McGarry moved on with a bye run.

Ken Bacon of Elmira, NY took the win over Mike Ryck of Waverly, NY in the Street Money Class.  Ryck dialed 7.80 went .358 red on the tree automatically turning the win light on for Bacon who ran a 8.648 ET on his 8.66 dial, .543 reaction time.  Semi finals lined Bacon against Haley Teed of Friendsville, PA.  Teed left first going .575 on the tree running a 9.914 ET on her 9.86 dial.  Bacon gave chase, dialed 8.66, .590 reaction, running dead-on with a 8.660 ET.  Ryck lined up against Howie Conklin of Grahamsville, NY.  Ryck had dialed 7.80 had the better reaction time over Conklin, going .598 on the tree and running a 7.891 ET on his dial.  Conklin dialed 8.86, went .648 on the tree, running a 8.922 ET on his dial.

Ken Bacon of Elmira, NY celebrated with a personal first ever career double class win by taking the win in Street Trophy and going a perfect .5000 tree against Tim Wright of Appalachin, NY in the final round.  In a double break-out, Bacon left first running a 8.654 on his 8.66 dial.  Wright crossed the line ahead of Bacon going a 7.914 ET on his 8.01 dial.  In the Semi final round, Wright moved on against Mike Dunkle of Millerton, PA, Bacon defeated Street Money runner-up Mike Ryck.

Saturday presented the newest class to regular competition with the Mod Trophy Class.  Bill Clark of Vestal, NY took home the trophy in the newest class after defeating Don Kiekel of Binghamton, NY.  Kiekel, pulled a double duty to do a little bottom bulb racing in the Chevy Camaro owned by Steve Cross of Friendsville, PA.  Clark dialed 6.79, went .553 on the tree running a 6.870 ET.  Kiekel went .532 on the tree running a 6.332 ET on his a 6.21 dial.  Matt Luke of Cicero, NY and Howie Conklin of Grahamsville, NY were the Mod Trophy semi finalists.

Congratulations to all Skyview Drags class winners!  

By Crystal Curpier