High Car Count Continues at the Ridge!


The crew at Skyview Drags put on yet another spectacular day of racing for the 660 ET Racing Series on Saturday June 21, 2014. Super Pro had an impressive showing with a 39 car field.  But in the end, only one champion was named, Matt Forbes Esperance NY, of the Forbes Racing Team took home his first season win over Gene Stankovitz Chittenango NY. Forbes left first dialed 5.18, .521 on the tree running closer to his dial, going 5.197 ET. Stankovitz with a .526 tree, ran 5.077 ET on his 5.05 dial. Semi Finals lined Forbes against last weeks Super winner, Don Kiekel of Binghamton NY. Forbes, .521 on the tree, took the win running 5.154 ET on his 5.15 dial. Kiekel, .538 on tree ran a 4.892 ET on his 4.86 dial. Stankovitz moved on to the final with a bye run.

It was a straight shot to Victory lane on the first weekend out at Skyview Drags for the FX Caprara Junior Dragster driven by Natalie Musolino Solvay NY. Musolino took down weekly points runner, Chandler McGarry of Horseheads NY. McGarry, with the better .696 tree, broke out running a too quick 8.911 ET on his 8.92 ET. Dialed 9.06, Musolino was .824 on the tree running a 9.826 ET, good enough for the win. Semi Finals brought a bye run to Musolino.  McGarry advanced onto the final after defeating the season’s dominate junior competitor, Morgan Burgess of Canton Pa. McGarry, had the race at the tree with a .582 reaction time, running 8.946 ET on his 8.90 dial. Burgess tried to get it done, running 7.933 ET on her 7.90 dial, .599 reaction time.

Pro Class action lined the Ford Mustang of Terri Lee out of North Syracuse NY, against the “Hustle Stuff” Mopar of Mike Larose, Cicero NY. But a red light start by the Mopar sent the Ford to Victory Lane. Larose went .484 red to Lee, lifting after the launch. Lee dialed 6.57 ran it out going .572 on the tree and running the number with a 6.575 ET. The Semi Final round lined Larose against the Chevy Camaro driven by Anthony Zangari Clay NY. In a whole shot win, Larose had the better .545 reaction time running a 6.503 ET on his 6.49 dial. Zangari dialed 7.22, went .554 on the tree, running 7.230 ET on his dial. The Ford proved to be the dominate player after taking out the Mopar powered Dodge Dart of Shane Garinger New Albany Pa. With identical .547 reaction times, Lee took the stripe running 6.590 ET on his 6.55 dial. Garinger ran 6.761 ET on his 6.72 dial. Margin of victory on that one, .001!

The Bike/Sled win went to the ultra quick Suzuki of Lynn Major out of Tioga Center NY after a break out by Rob Withers of Blodgett Mills NY. Withers left first going .643 on the tree running a too fast 8.946 ET on his 8.96 dial. Major cut Withers loose going a 5.057 ET on his 5.02 dial, .546 reaction time. Withers moved into the final round with a bye run in the Semi Finals.  Major earned his spot into the final after defeating Randy Teed of Friendsville Pa. Teed dialed 5.82, went .622 on the tree, running 5.913 ET on his dial. Major with the better .566 reaction time ran a 5.078 ET on his 5.05 dial for the win.

It was a Chevy powered heads up race in the Mod Trophy class with George Coleman of Barton NY earning his first competition win in the final round after a red light start by Rookie, and former Junior Dragster Champion, Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa. Teed dialed 6.11 went .459 red, running a 6.132 ET. Coleman dialed 6.13, went .514 on the tree running 6.134 ET on his dial. In the Semi Finals, Teed advanced to the final with a win over Shannon Fenton.  Matt Dunkle of Millerton Pa also earned a Semi Final spot after being defeated by Coleman.

Street Money and Street Trophy competition lined up the battling pair of Ken Bacon out of Elmira NY and Tim Wright of Apalachin NY, with Bacon dominating both classes at the end of the day.   In Street Money, Bacon left first going .528 on the tree, running 8.651 ET on his 8.63 dial. Wright dialed 7.98, tried to gain ground running dead on, 7.980 ET , but his .590 tree was bested by Bacon. The Street Money Semi Finals went to Haley Teed of Friendsville Pa and Matt Peterson.  A red light start by Wright in the Street Trophy final ended his day, sending Bacon on to Victory Lane.  Mike Dunkle of Millerton Pa was the Street Trophy Semi Finalists.

A Gamblers race was organized for all racers eliminated in the second round.  Pro racer, Mike Scribani of Oneonta NY took home that pot with a win over Scott Drake.  Both drivers went green, but Scribani had the better .504 reaction time running 6.476 ET on his 6.44 dial. Drake dialed 6.80, went .526 on the tree running 6.828 ET.

By: Crystal Curpier