Full Weekend of Racing at the Ridge -Friday Night Gamblers & the 660 ET Race Series


A full weekend of racing got kicked off at The Ridge with a little gamblers racing held Friday night June 27, 2014 during Skyview Drags regular Test & Tune.  13 cars lined up to get in on the “run what you brung” action.  In the end it was an all Super Pro final with Kathy Kiekel of Binghamton NY taking home the win over Casey Jo Scaccia of Franklin NY. Kiekel dialed 5.95, went .503 on the tree running a 5.957 ET.  Scaccia dialed 4.94, went .491 red on the tree running a 4.951 ET.  Lynn Major of Tioga Center NY and Shane Garinger of New Albany Pa were the Gambler's Race semi finalists.

Saturday June 28, 2014 660 ET Race Series started with the Junior Dragster class. After flirting with 2 runner-up finishes this season, Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY scored her first win, taking it to Victory Lane over Lewis Ink of Barton NY. Ink, dialed 13.02, went 1.091 on the tree running 13.10 ET on his dial. Denmark, held her concentration after a 5 second staggered tree, going .688 green, running a 8.417 ET on her 8.36 dial. Semi Finals, lined Denmark against Abby Hacker of Bainbridge NY. Hacker had the advantage at the line going .518 on the tree running a 7.970 ET on her 7.90 dial. But Denmark closed the gap going .534 on the tree, running a 8.374 ET on her 8.36 dial. Ink moved onto the final round with a bye run.

In Super Pro Competition, Don Kiekel of Binghamton NY took home his third win of the 660 ET Race Series, helping to increase his points lead in the 2014 points chase. Kiekel found himself lined up against Rich Forbes of Esperance NY after a bye run in the semi final round. Kiekel left first dialed 4.86, .507 on the tree, running a 4.872 ET. Forbes, dialed 4.50, went .531 on the tree running a 4.503 ET. Semi final lined the Pro Charger powered Big Block Chevy’s of Forbes and CJ Drake of Binghamton NY. In a whole shot win, Forbes took the win with the better .519 reaction time running a 4.512 ET on his 4.50 dial. Drake dialed 4.54, ran dead on his dial, going a 4.549 ET, .533 reaction time. 

Mike Scribani out of Oneonta NY earned his way to the top spot in Pro, with a win against Justin Hardman of East Syracuse NY in an all Chevy Camaro final round. Hardman broke out going a 6.532 ET on his 6.55 dial, .514 tree. Scribani went .512 on the tree, running dead on, 6.467 ET on his 6.46 dial. The semi finals turned brothers into competitors, lining Paul Scribani of Delhi NY against Mike Scribani. Mike, dialed 6.47 turned the win light with an impressive .504 reaction time, running a 6.471 ET on his dial. Paul gave it his all, going .536 on the tree running 6.215 ET on his 6.20 dial. Joe Rodriguez went home as a semi finalist after being defeated by Hardman. Rodriguez, dialed 6.64 went 6.660 on his dial, .591 on the tree. Hardman, had the better .530 tree, running a 6.571 ET on his 6.51 dial.

The Bike/Sled class went all sled in the final and semi final round of eliminations, with Ken Dolatowski of Syracuse NY going to Victory Lane after beating current points leader, Dick Reome of Blodgett Mills NY. Reome left first, going .669 on the tree, running a 9.134 ET on his 9.09 dial. Dolatowski, turned the win light on with a better .595 tree, running 6.310 ET on his 6.30 dial. The semi finals lined Reome against Rob Withers of Blodgett Mills NY.  Withers broke out to Reome running a 8.839 ET on his 8.85 dial, .833 reaction time.  Reome went .678 on the tree running 9.119 ET on his 9.09 dial.  Dolatowski had the bye run into the final round.

In Mod Trophy, Shannon Fenton went home with the class win over Randi Teed of Friendsville Pa after bringing his all in the final round with a .002 package against Teed.  Fenton, .5000 on the tree ran a 6.542 ET on his 6.54 dial.  Teed went .593 on the tree running a 6.168 ET on her 6.16 dial.  Last week's Mod Trophy winner, George Coleman of Barton NY ended the day with a semi final finish.

The Street Money win went to Teed Racing teammate, Bridgette Vullo of Friendsville Pa after defeating Mike Dunkle of Millerton Pa in the final round.  Vullo, dialed 8.21, went .540 on the tree running a 8.287 ET on her dial.  Dunkle, dialed 9.69, went .590 on the tree, running a 9.718 ET.  Street Money semi final went to John Coleman after going red on the tree to Vullo.

In Street Trophy, Ken Bacon of Elmira NY took over the points lead with a win in the final round against Tim Wright out of Apalachin NY.  In a fight to the finish, Bacon dialed 8.63 went .580 on the tree running a 8.633 ET on his dial.  Wright, went .582 on the tree running a 8.002 ET on his 7.99 dial.  John Coleman was the Street Trophy semi finalists.

Don't miss out on 2 days of racing as Skyview Drags presents the Northern Summer Nationals Friday July 4 & Saturday July 5!! Congratulations to this weeks winners!

By: Crystal Curpier