Skyview Drags Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary! Matt Himes Named King of the Ridge!

Staff, racers and spectators gathered together on Saturday July 12, 2014 at Skyview Drags to celebrate the tracks 10th Anniversary with the Swansbrough Family. The 660 ET Racing Series began with the Junior Dragster Class eliminations. Two races and a chance at the King of the Ridge were held for the Junior Class thanks to donations from fellow racers, which allowed for a gamblers race following the regular eliminations. In the regular points race, Morgan Burgess of Canton Pa took home the win over Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY in a heads up final round. Houghtalen, dialed 7.93, went .557 on the tree running 7.959 at 80.08 mph. Burgess, dialed 7.92, had the better .542 tree, running 7.962 at 81.35 mph. In the gamblers race, Houghtalen got his chance again, taking the win over Burgess in the final round of eliminations. It all came down to a run off in the King of the Hill match, crowning Morgan Burgess as the “Queen” of the Ridge” in the face off against Houghtalen. Hunter Denmark of Ovid NY and Lewis Ink of Barton NY were the semi finalists in each race.

In the Super Pro Class , John Cooper of Binghamton NY, making only his second appearance at the track after putting together a fresh motor during the off season, scored his first win of the 2014 season over Joey LaRose out of Baldwinsville NY. LaRose experienced car failure, backing out of the beams and automatically turning the win light on for Cooper. But in the semi final round, LaRose was able to take down Pete Curpier of Oneonta NY. Curpier, dialed 4.82 had the better .515 reaction time over LaRose, but gave back the stripe, going 4.850 at 138.97 mph. LaRose dialed 4.93, went .537 on the tree, running 4.934 at 138.81 mph. Cooper moved into the finals with a bye run in the semis.

Matt Himes out of Ontario NY took the Pro Class win after defeating Mike Scribani of Oneonta NY in the final round. Scribani broke out running 6.544 at 104.13 mph on a 6.55 dial, .545 reaction time. Himes, dialed 6.82, went .515 on the tree, running 6.832 at 96.97 mph. Don Kiekel out of Binghamton NY and Charlie Fulmer ended the day as the Pro semi finalists.

Brent Garcia of Cincinnatus NY made a return to the Ridge, scoring a win in the Bike/Sled Class over Ken Dolawtowski of Syracuse NY. Garcia dialed 6.84, broke out running 6.835 at 100.46 mph, .562 reaction time. But Dolawtowski, dialed 6.30, went .487 red, turning the win light on for Garcia. Dick Reome of Blodgett Mills NY took a home a semi final finish. 

In the Mod Trophy Class, Justin Hardman of East Syracuse NY went to victory lane over Anthony Zangari of Clay NY in a heads up all Chevy Camaro final. Zangari, dialed 6.53 ran dead on his dial running 6.530 at 105.86, but a .482 red light start named Hardman the winner. Hardman dialed 6.52, went .555 on the tree, running 6.698 at 86.99 mph. Matt Forbes was the Mod Trophy semi finalists after being defeated by Zangari. 

Matt Peterson of Spencer NY defeated returning Skyview regular, Andrew Erecitano of Binghamton NY, for the win in Street Money Elimination. Erecitano dialed 10.15, broke out running a too quick 10.129 at 68.18 mph, .551 reaction time.  Peterson dialed 8.58, went .590 on the tree, running 8.626 at 79.41 mph.  Hot Rod Sandy Thurston of Towanda Pa and Mike Halsey of Cicero NY were the Street Money semi finalists.

In Street Trophy, Andrew Erecitano of Binghamton NY finished his race day with the class win over Ken Bacon of Elmira NY.  Erecitano dialed 10.12, went .536 on the tree, running 10.174 at 69.51 mph.  Bacon, dialed 8.61, had the better .509 reaction time, but was unable to close the gap, running 8.746 at 78.41 mph.  The semi final finish went to Tim Wright of Apalachin NY and Mike Dunkle Millerton Pa.

Competition racing didn't end there, because the days class winners were set to battle it out in the King of the Ridge final race.  Stakes were high with the winner of this race earning free entry for the remainder of the 2014 race season.  After 3 rounds of competition it came down to Pro Class, represented by Matt Himes versus Bike/Sled represented by Brent Garcia.  In a heads up elimination, Garcia left first dialed 6.84, going .587 on the tree, running 6.883 at 100.20 mph.  Himes, dialed 6.82, left the line going .565 on the tree, taking the win running 6.843 at 93.70 mph, naming Skyview Drags first King of the Ridge.

By: Crystal Curpier