Skyview Drags Holds Ironman Classic!

The 660 ET Racing Series drew in over 120 cars to Skyview Drags ready to compete for their chance at the IHRA Ironman in Super Pro, Pro, Bike/Sled, Street Money and the Junior Dragster Class on Saturday July 19, 2014.  The first Ironman to be earned went to Paige Montgomery of Alden NY in the Junior Dragster class after a win against MacKenzie Cayea of Williamson NY.  In a double break out final round, Montgomery dialed 8.07 went .576 on the tree, running 8.065 at 80.80 mph.  Cayea dialed 7.93, went .588 on the tree, running 7.915 at 80.79 mph.  Hayden Houghtalen of Waverly NY finished his day as the semi finalists after a loss to Montgomery.

The Super Pro Class had its best showing this year in Saturday's competition, with over 40 cars entered for their chance at the Ironman.  The semi final round and final round lined dragster versus door car, with the dragster of Joey LaRose out of Baldwinsville NY besting the door cars in both rounds and taking home the Ironman. LaRose defeated Randy Teed of Friendsville Pa in the final round. LaRose dialed 4.94, went .542 on the tree, taking the stripe, going 4.940 at 138.36 mph.  Teed, dialed 5.12, had the better .536 reaction time, but ran off his dial going 5.153 at 133.95 mph.  LaRose defeated Franc Francis of Seneca Falls in the Semi Final.  Teed moved onto the final with a bye run.

In a heads up final round, the Ford powered Mustang driven by Shannon Fenton scored the Ironman in the Pro Class after a red light start by the Chevy powered Camaro of Mike Scribani out of Oneonta NY.  Fenton dialed 6.49, went .570 on the tree running 6.463 at 103.49 mph. Scribani, dialed 6.50, went .479 red, running 6.503 at 105.12 mph. Scribani took out the King of the Ridge, Matt Himes of Ontario NY in the Semi Final round.  Fenton advanced to the final with a bye run.

Brent Garcia of Cincinnatus NY backed up last week's Bike/Sled victory with a win and the Ironman in the final round against Lynn Major of Tioga Center NY.  In an all bike final, Garcia dialed 6.84 went .555 on the tree, running 6.853 at 100.19 mph.  Major dialed 5.07, went .573 on the tree running 5.186 at 130.79 mph.  Semi final finish went to Anthony “Skip” Tamburino of Westernville NY.

Kathy Kiekel of Binghamton NY earned a win in the Mod Trophy Class after defeating Russ Story in the final round.  Kiekel, went .649 on the tree, running 5.935 at 115.97 mph on her 5.91 dial.  Story, dialed 6.88, left first going .492 red, running 6.874 at 99.98 mph, automatic win going to Kiekel.  Myles Higby ended his day in the semi final round after a loss to Kiekel.

The Street Money Ironman was awarded to Matt Peterson after defeating the “Illegal Regal” driven by Gary French of Seneca Falls NY. Peterson dialed 8.56, left first going .555 on the tree, running 8.562 at 77.44 mph.  French gave chase dialed at 8.13, going .710 on the tree, running 8.195 at 85.05 mph.  Ken Bacon of Elmira NY ended the day in the semi final spot.

Street Trophy points leader, Tim Wright of Apalachin NY, added to his lead with a win over Joe Patelunas of Elmira Heights NY.  Patelunas, dialed 9.24, went .474 red, running 9.263 at 77.45 mph. Wright dialed 7.94, went .551 on the tree, running 7.979 at 87.54 mph.  Ken Bacon of Elmira NY and Mike Ryck of Waverly NY were the Street Trophy Semi Finalists.

By: Crystal Curpier