Mall amenities

There are so many advanced and admirable amenities are allowed to the mall to have an interested visiting. While purchasing things, the user can access the Wi-Fi connection to have a benefit through online. If there is an emergency, the person can contact the doctor by the help of the first aid room. Wheelchairs are available to bring the handicapped people to the restroom or some other places in the mall.

This is available that the mal is having kids playing to get some entertainment for the children. Mobile charging facility also possible in the mall and the baby cards are easily accessible one. The user can access the on-call mechanics for the purpose of tour or planning for travel. In the mall, the people can keep their own luggage and baggage in the specific room with the high security.

Money exchange for a foreign currency is possible in this area and the user can withdraw the money with the help of ATM machine. If the property of people like bag and shoe is damaged, there is an availability to repair it with the support of the certain facility. A smoking area is available for doing smoke without interrupting others and the people can have water from the water cooler.