Plenty of shops in the Skyview Drags mall, it consists of more than hundred shops. We can purchase clothes; accessories, branded shoes, watches; even parlors and hair salon are available there. All the modern convenience of a full shopping mall such as Old Navy, Best Buy, Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Verizon, JcPenny, Gap, Bed Bath, Applebees, max, lifestyles, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond etc., some of the shops are most successful new stores in the city.

Here we can find luxury stores, menswear, H&M. This new mall has all the varieties and the elegant look in the mall. It attracts more people than another mall because more shops available in this mall and people can find shops all age group people. More than six blocks they allocate for shopping. We can get the brand clothes and dress directly from the industry even the electronics products.

It is the nice and alternative malls we stay in the local have more fun and make the purchase require things in a single mall itself. We will get attractive offers during Christmas at the end of the year. The products are in good price and best quality. Elder people and physically challenged people feel good and convenient in the mall while shopping.