After mulling it over for a while, you’re finally ready to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance by buying a new set of wheels. However, before you click “buy now”, there are a few things to consider. Here, we’ll fill you in on what you need to know before buying wheels for your car or truck.

Write Down Your Tyre Size

Unless you’re buying a wheel and tyre package, you’ll have to ensure that your new Speedy alloy wheels fit your vehicle’s tyres. Write down the model, make, and size of the tyres, and tell the fitment expert those dimensions when you’re picking out your new set of wheels.

Look at Your Hubcaps

Some vehicles have unusual hubcaps, so it’s important to consider them when buying wheels. Numerous factors determine whether a cap will fit a wheel, including the wheel’s diameter, the hub size, and its lug pattern.

Plus Size or Standard Size?

Plus-sizing is a common trend among those buying King rims. In plus-sizing, you’ll buy wheels that are larger than the current set. Not only does it give your vehicle a new look, but it also improves the vehicle’s handling in tight turns. The only downside to plus-sizing is that it can make for a slightly harsher ride.

Bigger Wheels Cost More

The bigger your new set of Niche rims is, the more it will cost. This applies to tyres as well. While you may be set on getting an upsized wheel and tyre package for your vehicle, be sure to consider the cost before buying.

Remember: You Get What You Pay For

While cost is an important consideration when buying wheels and tyres, it’s just as vital not to go too cheap. The cheapest rims often break, bend, and crack, and while they help you save money upfront, you’ll pay more because you’ll have to replace the rims more often.

Choose a Finish

Once you’ve considered the dimensions of your current and desired wheels, it’s time to select a finish. Wheels come in a range of styles and colors, including chrome, milled, machined, gray, and black. Choose a style that suits your preferences and your driving habits.

Consult an Expert for Advice

No matter how much planning and research you do when buying Ford Ranger wheels in Australia, it’s best to consult an expert during the selection process. Our fitment specialists can answer all your questions about buying wheels and tyres, and they can also provide valuable insights. With our help, you’re sure to find a wheel and tyre package that works for you.

Call On the Wheel Experts Today

Our staff is very knowledgeable about everything related to wheels and rims, and we’d love to share that knowledge and experience with you so you can make an informed buying decision. If you’d like to learn which wheels will work for your vehicle, or if you’d like to browse our selection, contact us by email or by phone. We can’t wait to serve you!